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AUDIO: After On-Air Confrontation, Toms River’s Grunin Denies Providing Financial Support to Embattled GOP Chair Gilmore

TOMS RIVER – Did influential Toms River philanthropist Jeremy Grunin give money to George Gilmore to help keep the embattled Ocean County GOP leader financially afloat? Grunin was grilled by a caller on his weekly WOBM radio show this past Sunday where he vehemently denied giving Gilmore a loan.

Grunin was accused by a caller to his weekly radio program of giving a loan to Ocean County GOP Chairman George Gilmore, who has been known to seek out and accept loans from area politicos. Loans made to the chairman by various individuals have often been topics of great interest for county Republicans, especially those in leadership positions. Some of the loans that have been made to Gilmore are part of the FBI Red Bank Resident Agency’s ongoing investigation into the chairman, which has resulted in subpoenas to numerous individuals and governments in Ocean County.

George Gilmore

The following exchange took place between “Mike from Beachwood” who called in to to Grunin’s Sunday morning radio program to press the issue with the Toms River philanthropist, property owner and radio host:

CALLER: You know, I’ve been doing my research, I’ve been following all these, you know, threads, I’ve been talking to people trying to get a big picture of what’s going on here and I don’t like the way it looks, honestly.

GRUNIN: Well I guess you should probably move back to wherever you came from then, that seems like the best way to go.

CALLER: Come on, Jeremy we know you gave George Gilmore $250,000, that’s no secret, come on.

GRUNIN: What are you? Yes, I figured this was com- there was – there was, there was something coming up here at some point, so.


GRUNIN: We knew how this was getting positioned. So that’s good. Well, listen, I…I…I, you know if that were true, I…I you know wish it was but it wasn’t, so.

CALLER: But you talk about it.

GRUNIN: I’m not sure where you came up with that idea, but that’s okay.

CALLER: Well I talk to people.

GRUNIN: Okay, that’s fantastic.

The caller’s allegations were in line with accounts provided to Ocean County Politics by multiple, unrelated anonymous sources, some of which had contact with Grunin in 2017. One source who had contact with Grunin said that he nonchalantly talked about giving money to the chairman, but did not go into specifics or specify whether he made a loan or a gift to Gilmore.

Mr. Grunin, for his part, has been resolute in his denial of providing a loan to Mr. Gilmore, who lives in the same Cranmoor Drive neighborhood of Toms River as Grunin.

“We have not given a loan to George Gilmore,” Grunin said in a Facebook message to this reporter in response to an inquiry seeking comment. When asked if a loan was made to the chairman in his personal, business or foundation capacity, Grunin replied “None of the above. Not me. Not the foundation. Not the business.”

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