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Brogan: Despite Rhetoric on Addiction, Officials Let “Snitch Bill” Die

LACEY – In light of this evening’s drug awareness forum in Lacey Township, I’d like to pose a critical point to all the attending authority figures presenting the options to combat this scourge known to the citizens of Ocean County, and for that matter all of New Jersey.

As the opioid addiction epidemic, continues to surge and deaths mount in light of Narcan being offered as a life saving measure and certainly no one can argue the need to save lives, however it appears as if our authorities have lost sight of strengthening the battle against this scourge by speaking out loudly and collectively on bill S-2774 which ironically will die today in the NJ General Assembly due to inaction on the part of our supposed concerned Legislators.

This bill would have offered 10 percent of all monies found on drug busts to any informant who lead law enforcement to a conviction as well it would have taken 5 percent more of the dealer’s money for treatment beds, and yet on this Drug Awareness Day our Legislators chose to stay mum.

As a former law enforcement officer, I must what question the level of commitment and compassion is being demonstrated to victims of the opiate epidemic by these forums when our leaders refuse to go after meaningful legislation that could put the fear of God into drug dealers out of families suffering the effects of addiction.

God help us!

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