Toms River Councilman’s Daughter Gets County Job

TOMS RIVER  – Kayla Kubiel, the daughter of Councilman Brian Kubiel, has been hired by the County of Ocean, public records showed. Kubiel’s hiring was approved by the Ocean County Freeholders at their August 2nd, 2017 meeting.

Kayla Kubiel (left) and Councilman Brian Kubiel (right)

According to a copy of a personnel resolution adopted by the county freeholders, Ms. Kubiel has been hired as an analyst trainee at the Ocean County Planning Board. In her new role, Kubiel will earn a base salary of $40,000 per year. Her start date was Monday, August 14th, 2017.

The county planning board consists of 8 members supported by professional staff. The board is responsible for reviewing applications for subdivisions and grants approvals for subdivisions that affect county road or drainage facilities.

According to Kayla Kubiel’s LinkedIn profile, before getting the job with the Ocean County, she worked as a receptionist at the Calling All Creatures Veterinary Hospital in Toms River. Kubiel’s profile also lists a degree in finance obtained from the University of Delaware.

Her father, Brian, is a Toms River councilman and works as the township’s fire district administrator. Teri Kubiel, the mother of Kayla and wife of Brian, is running as a candidate in the 2017 Toms River Board of Education election.

A chart prepared by OCP detailing the Kubiel family’s connections.

From the Ocean County Personnel Resolution, buried in pages of minutes.

Gavin Rozzi

Gavin Rozzi is the editor of Ocean County Politics and a lifelong Ocean County resident, residing in Lacey Township. Gavin's work centers on the intersection of money and politics in Ocean County, with a focus on public corruption. In 2017 he created New Jersey's first statewide freedom of information portal, He can be reached via email at or via phone at (732)-504-3636 ext. 1 or on encrypted phone / text app Signal.

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20 Responses

  1. Tommy p says:

    Wow, how did an ugly dude like that, have such a gorgeous daughter?

  2. Mac says:

    Another trademark Vicari-blessed entire family unit of casting couch successes. No wonder the Freeholder Board always receives a landslide of support in each election from Lakewood voters. It’s like, ‘Hey Mom, I’m home.’

  3. Steven Frato says:

    Great article, easy to read chart aswell.

  4. Cuddy says:

    One would guess the reason could be the Toms River MUA has reached it’s quota for the time being in the “Daughter/Son hiring department” with a current TR Council members daughter working at the MUA, the TRMUA Executive Director and former Brick Mayor’s daughter and son working at the MUA, another current TR Council members son , his brother and daughter (daughter left the MUA last year) work there, just to name a few. So let’s mosey on down to the Country for a job, no worries, open hiring season for anyone related to a local politician. On a serious note it is a little depressing for those that are not connected.

  5. guest says:

    One thing I cannot understand. This is a small sampling of the jobs given out. Why can’t any of these people get jobs in the private sector? It seem”s entire families are on the public dole around here, and are employed by these places. My kids work up in North Jersey leave about 5:30-6am to go to work. One works at a computer company , the other an engineer. I guess my two kids have a little heads up and above the curve on some of these homegrown types.

    • outtahere says:

      No one in the Ocean County friends and family plan gets a real job. They feed off the backs of the taxpayers, then they sue the township and/or state for job harassment, inequality, etc. I hear Monmouth is just as bad. Civil Service? That’s a joke. Never pay to take a test because it’s just more revenue for the state; you’ll NEVER get a job.

  6. Mercy Otis Warren says:

    Here is a plan: eliminate county government. I would have to imagine the vast majority of what they do — is or can be done at a local level — or just not done at all. I don’t think we need 3 layers of government to run our lives in the state of NJ. 2 would probably be just fine. In fact 1 would probably do the trick; get rid of the state too.

    • outtahere says:

      The hypocrisy is unfathomable. They cry, no more big government in our lives, but yet they bloat it unnecessarily to provide for their own (local and state). As the homeowners continue to foreclose and the townships make deals like the PILOT program there will soon be no one left to pay for this excessive baggage.

    • Tommy p says:

      Agree 100%!
      For example, why do we need a County Fire Marshall? and a State Fire Marshall?

      • guest says:

        Man these folks are making it easy to lose one more seat in the next general election. Odd’s are that will happen, hence Dem-o-crud rule in TR. Just keep the family and friends plan in full swing in Town Hall, all of its various departments, Public works, MUA and you shall see.

        • #byebyeJaredTrumpFraudjailsoon says:

          You must be an angry haven’t yetter Republicon waiting in line for the Friends N Family Plan
          Hey I see Sea Breeze in Lacey is building like crazy so my taxes will go down right? Line up haven’t yetters of Lacey the Tc will be flush with cash for you
          Raises for everyone!

  7. brez brez says:

    This is one of the main reasons to keep the Hasidic’s out of Toms River, when they all lose their township positions all the jobs for family members will dry up.

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