6 Lakewood fraud defendants apply for program to avoid conviction, report says

TOMS RIVERS – Six Lakewood residents charged in a government benefits fraud sweep in June have applied for a pre-trial program for first-time offenders that would allow them to avoid conviction, according to a report. The six defendants – Tzvi and Estee Bruan; Samuel and Esther Serhofer; and Yisroel and Rachel Merkin – are each charged…

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15 Responses

  1. Tommy says:

    This is bull
    $2 mil of nj taxpayer money was stolen!
    Procecute and collect restitution!
    The orthodox community is not above the law

    • Chicago says:

      How does this happen? Someone tell me, I live in Ocean County, if I went and stole $10, I would be in jail. I really don’t get it, it has to be politically-motivated I cannot see any other answer.

  2. #AmnestyDonisaCon says:

    Restitution and deportation and community service on Saturdays filling pot holes and cleaning up garbage
    They are protected by Happy Gilmore the tax cheat

  3. llewellynh says:

    How can this even be on the table. Two million dollar theft screams out for serious punishment and that’s what most people in this State would get.

  4. Mustang Sally says:

    And I don’t believe any are Legally in this Country. Gilmore did this and jammed these Orthodox Jews down our throats. The FBI and ICE are not doing enough for Ocean County.

  5. Ken Bank says:

    The pre-trial intervention program has been around for decades, and is available to anyone who is a first-time offender and meets all the other criteria.

  6. TRWatch says:

    The Gilmore M.O., involve everyone in the scam, now apparently the highest law office in the state, and you become too big to fail. It has worked to perfection. You see it, I see it, yet the hammer has yet to fall, the perfect crime.


    They use their religion to twist, bend and break our laws. If you speak out you are labeled anti Semitic. Why are they treated differently from Christians? Why are they treated different from other religions in NJ and NY? Why do these States not recognized their marriages and allow them to collect welfare, because the men are professional students.
    Lakewood is a politically corrupted community.

    • #AmnestyDonisaCon says:

      “Lakewood is a politically corrupted community”
      All with the blessing and protection of the POls and Courts
      Along with the protection of Republicon Boss Happy Gilmore tax cheat
      I and the rest of the tax payers say
      Lockem UP

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