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9th Legislative District, Berkeley, Election 2017

“This Crazy Nut is Trying to Raise Our Taxes $1.3 Billion” – Guadagno’s Running Mate Slams Democratic Rivals at Berkeley GOP Picnic

Republicans pose for a picture in Berkeley with Carlos Rendo

BERKELEY – Republican candidates up and down the ballot along with their supporters from multiple clubs gathered in Bayville this weekend for the Berkeley GOP picnic. GOP lieutenant governor candidate Carlos Rendo had harsh words for rivals Phil Murphy and Sheila Oliver at the event.

“This is going to be a tough campaign, but it’s a campaign we can win,” said Mr. Rendo in his speech to Ocean County Republican voters. “We’re running against the left of the left,” Rendo, the running mate of Republican gubernatorial candidate Kim Guadagno, declared Saturday at a GOP event in Berkeley.

Kim Guadagno

“These people are to the left of [New York City Mayor] Bill De Blasio,” added Rendo. He claimed that his Democratic opponent, Sheila Oliver (D – East Orange), “… is probably with Al Sharpton right now.”

Rendo positioned himself as an opponent to marijuana legalization, whereas the Murphy-Oliver ticket has vowed to be on board with legalization efforts.

Rendo painted a bleak picture for the state of New Jersey if his Democratic rivals are elected:

“This is a lady that wants to release criminals from jail early, legalize pot, and create a sanctuary state.”

“So what are we going to have in New Jersey?” Guadagno’s lieutentant governor candidate questioned. “A bunch of criminals high on pot in our streets.”

“We don’t want that in New Jersey,” he added, before labeling Oliver as “anti-law enforcement.”

Rendo said that in speaking to senior citizens throughout the state, he has found many complaining of the financial burden of property taxes, and how they have forced many out of the state.

Democratic governor frontrunner Phil Murphy speaks, with Democratic leaders Wyatt Earp and Kathy Russell visible in the background.

“This crazy nut [Phil Murphy] is trying to raise our taxes $1.3B – that’s what he’s running on?” the lieutenant governor candidate said.

Ginny Haines

Sheriff Mastronardy

Two Ocean County GOP elected officials, Sheriff Michael Mastronardy and Ocean County Freeholder Virginia “Ginny” Haines also spoke in support of the Guadagno-Rendo ticket at the Berkeley GOP event.

“He [Rendo] and Kim are a great team. they are two people that we definitely need for the State of New Jersey,” Haines said.

The Berkeley GOP picnic was also a chance for Berkeley Mayor Carmen Amato to raise his profile with other Republicans.

Carmen Amato

Amato, who has been rumored to have future aspirations for higher elected office, sent his mayoral business card (with his personal cell phone number on a sticker on the back) along with information promoting the event to Ocean County GOP county committee members throughout the county in anticipation of Saturday’s event, according to a county committee member that received the literature.

Republicans pose for a picture in Berkeley with Carlos Rendo

Mayor Amato speaks

In nearby Lacey Township, that township’s Republican club held their annual club picnic at Gille Park on Sunday.

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