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Rodgers: Why I’m Running for Point Pleasant Beach Council

TO THE EDITOR: I love Point Pleasant Beach – location, people, neighborhoods, organizations, clubs, history, and the family run businesses. I look forward to working hard for you and our future. Elected officials are judged by their accomplishments and milestones. Three years from now, I want to share those accomplishments and milestones with you. I want us to see this wonderful small town move even closer to its full potential.

And while it’s wonderful, I know our streets and sidewalks should be safer and that we aren’t moving forward at the pace of our neighboring communities. In order to move at a more responsive pace, we need new energy and a new point of view. While other towns on the Barnegat Peninsula now have safer, more pedestrian friendly, flood resistant and tree lined roads- ours does not. While shore communities like Belmar and Manasquan have recognized a need for change in a post-Sandy world- ours has not.

So what do we do? Make our needs know, target problem blocks and intersections and aggressively pursue the grants and available programs to make it happen. We need motivated officials with an organized plan of action. Most importantly, resist using municipal tax dollars, be smart about how your money is spent and ensure that every nontax revenue stream remains open. If I have to go to the Ocean County Freeholders and demand on your behalf- I will. If I have to go to the statehouse to negotiate with our Senators, Assembly and Governor- I will. And if every step needs follow up and follow though- I’ll be there because I can be there.

I am year round resident of Point Pleasant Beach and run a successful and local small business. My ambitions are only for progress in Point Pleasant Beach and to keep my business growing. We must be sure that we move to a 21st century, more environmentally understanding town, while increasing our revenue in the process. Not playing catch up to our neighbors or deficits in our budget.

We must maintain our safety and be real about changing behaviors or threats to our quality of life. We must also always resolve any obstacle our local business owners face and ensure Point Beach is a climate for small business success. And when the time comes for us to speak up to our federal officials, make it known that we do not support any action that would kill our tourism, decimate our fishing industry and wipe out our property values.

Why am I running? Because I got tired of asking “why doesn’t somebody do something about that”. Instead, I could be just that somebody. That’s why I’m asking for your vote on November 7th for Point Pleasant Beach Council.

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