Toms River: GOP Leaders Pick Gallipoli to Succeed Councilman Carr

TOMS RIVER – Following a meeting of Republican leaders held earlier this week, local financial advisor Louis J. Gallipoli has been chosen to succeed Councilman Jeff Carr, GOP sources revealed.

FIRST ON OC POLITICS: According to multiple Republican sources with knowledge of the selection process for Carr’s replacement, Louis J. Gallipoli is the odds on favorite to replace the outgoing third ward councilman, who previously chose not to seek reelection.

Gallipoli’s selection comes before next week’s deadline for the Toms River Republicans to select Carr’s successor in time to be on the November general election ballot.

George Gilmore

Ginny Haines

Ocean County GOP Chairman George R. Gilmore and Ocean County Freeholder Virginia “Ginny” Haines were confirmed as attendees of the small meeting of Republican leaders held at an undisclosed location in the township, and the two have thrown their support behind Gallipoli’s candidacy, according to the GOP sources familiar with the details of the meeting.

Like Gilmore, Gallipoli’s offices are also located on Allen Street in Toms River. Mr. Gallipoli’s business, Gallipoli Wealth Management specializes in “wealth management, tax planning and income & estate tax preparation,” according to the company’s website.

Gavin Rozzi

Gavin Rozzi is the editor of Ocean County Politics and a lifelong Ocean County resident, residing in Lacey Township. Gavin's work centers on the intersection of money and politics in Ocean County, with a focus on public corruption. In 2017 he created New Jersey's first statewide freedom of information portal, He can be reached via email at or via phone at (732)-504-3636 ext. 1 or on encrypted phone / text app Signal.

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37 Responses

  1. Don is a Con says:

    “Like Gilmore, Gallipoli’s offices are also located on Allen Street in Toms River. Mr. Gallipoli’s business, Gallipoli Wealth Management specializes in “wealth management, tax planning and income & estate tax preparation,” according to the company’s website”
    Great now perhaps Happy Gilmore could pay his taxes with his advice?
    How do Happy Gilmore supporters look themselves in the mirror?
    Lockem up

    • guest says:

      Another CPA , make’s you wonder.

      • Mac says:

        Nationally, CPA stands for something worthwhile, even honorable in many cases. In Ocean County, it’s more like imitating the title of a ‘lawyer in politics.’ Those that pay for the 24-hour internet course, ‘Law Degrees For Idiots and Other Family Members,’ are automatically certified as attorneys whether they complete the course or not. And those that actually finish the internet course, and flunk it, can look forward to becoming a county prosecutor. This detail also helps explain why there is so much hopeless dead weight sitting on MUA boards, and township councils, watching the world go by while waiting for their turn to become the next county prosecutor.

        • guest says:

          Reading the short biography on this gentleman , his company. Seemingly successful career. Makes you wonder why he would enter this fray, putting himself , company, family members out there in the newspaper articles for what? With all of the important licenses he possesses why would he want to do this?

          • Don the Con says:


          • Mac says:

            Time will tell.

          • Astor Place says:

            Mac, there’s not enough room to list all the jobs the council people hold in town, their family members, and friends in and around Toms River . Just this one Ward 3 council person that is not running again Jeff Carr, had, has three family members working at the Toms River Municipal Utilities Authority alone. Makes you wonder why these people run, then again they fall in line and become part of the family tree hiring lifetime plan.

          • KMS says:

            I suspect it’s because he is a Toms River lifer, and a family man who cares deeply about the future success of the place where 3 generations of his family reside.

          • guest says:

            Listen the bridge is still for sale. You should check into it. What can you expect people to think. We have the Ward 1 Council person who runs the Toms River DMV, Ward 3 Councilman where multiple family members work at the Toms River Utilities Authority, Ward 4 council member his kid work at the Toms River utilities authority , a at large council member whom is the Business Administrator for the Toms River fire department , his kid just got a job in Ocean County government and his wife is now running for the Toms River Board of Education . That is just to name a few.

          • Don is a Con says:

            Oh please don’t stop with exposing the Family Tree for Votes plan

          • Don is a Con says:

            A man with no mirrors in his house if he has anything to do with the tax cheat and NON loan paying low life Happy Gilmore
            I’m going with greed and the chance to hire his “life long” TR lifers thru the Friends N Family

          • guest says:


    • Bayvilleski says:

      So, both he and Gilmore have offices on Allen Street. That doesn’t mean they know each other. Just because officers are next to each other doesn’t signify any type of a relationship between the two companies. They may not even know each other on that same street. What is a CPA accounting Financial firm, the other is an attorney.

    • Cross Green says:

      Yes I live in 3. This is just another hand picked R candidate. Not sure why Mr.Carr left, and triple not sure why this guy with a nice CPA business would want to get involved with these folks. But what the hey, attorney’s and CPA’s run the Republican Org in Toms River.

      • Mac says:

        Hey, it takes a tough individual to work on Allen St. without eventually becoming part of the environment. Too many MUA situations and back-up problems being flushed through the political system on a daily basis, apparently, that lack the adequate air ventilation needed to keep one’s focus from becoming cloudy. So sad. I mean, even Ciba-Geigy has a fence around it to help warn the public that the time is long overdue to change the political leadership that continues to embrace more and more of the same old, same old deceptions and deceits, without ever taking a time out for a breath of fresh air.

      • Guest says:

        Not sure why he left? Just look at all the building going on in Ward 3 all the developments going up then you may have a clue. Have you observed all the overdevelopment, in Ward 3 . All of it under the constant Republican control over the last infinitum years in Tom’s River.

        • Mac says:

          Perhaps Carr discovered the truth that there was more personal integrity in leadership and individuals in Lakewood than in Toms River leadership.

          Finally, a touch of class in Ocean County GOP politics. Thank you Mr. Carr.

          I mean, after all, if Toms River was running a well-organized, well-seasoned, successful multi-million dollar welfare fraud operation for decades (by most of the general public, not just the elected lifetime political welfare abusing officials dedicated to wholly milking it now, i.e. Vicari) does anyone believe Lakewood leadership would offer Toms River a ‘please raise your hand if you want to join an amnesty program, and be forgiven for your sins for only a few cents on the dollar’ by a county prosecutor that doesn’t have the ability to be able to get them convicted in court anyway? Talk about laughable?

          I guess we will find out again next Tuesday, November 7, 2017. It’s Election Day, the annual day of the year that Ocean County displays for the rest of America what it’s values truly are, so please, don’t disappoint. Simply attach your Vicari campaign-issued pocket mirrors to the back of your hand so you can see yourself preen as you cast your vote, and pray the mirror doesn’t immediately crack on you again. This is the 13th time Vicari has run for this trick or treat position.

          • Nick says:

            He will win by an extraordinary large margin running against who?

          • Mac says:

            Himself. There is nothing elected in Ocean County, that’s sanctioned anyway, that isn’t related to that first drunken Saturday Night mistake created under the Seaside boardwalk.

          • Tuckerton says:

            No idea what your cryptic messages infer.

          • Mac says:

            And that doesn’t surprise me why? Just keep signing your ‘X’ on the absentee ballot someone else fills out for you, whether you know it or not. It’s probably better for all of us that way anyway..

          • Kevin says:

            I agree with that, so will the entire Ocean County and local R slate. Maybe not the R for Gov., but Ocean County R slate on down no doubt.

          • #BonespursAmnestyDonDaConFraud says:

            And that is a good thing? High taxes low wages welfare Pineys druggies and low property values and the Friends N Family Plan? Happy Gilmore? Mike Ritacco?
            Blind Faith in a Fraud Con Man Me
            Wow you ppl are dumb

          • Guest says:

            Did not know Gilmore and Ritaco are running for public office in Ocean County this year.

          • #BonespursAmnestyDonDaConFraud says:

            Just a few corrupt Republicons that you aspire to become?
            Friends N Family Plan member or a haven’t yetter defender of corruption?

          • Guest says:

            No, however neither one of these people are running for office. The Republican candidates on the county level that ARE running will win in a very big way and you probably already know that.

          • Mac says:

            So sad. It’s like going to dinner in a third world country. No matter how appealing any of the entrees appear, the results are going to be the same the next morning. Just more diarrhea to overcome.

          • Sammy says:

            Surely you jest. Not his Church and Planning Board lawsuits, son and brother working at the MUA under the leadership of his in law as Chairman?

          • #BonespursAmnestyDonDaConFraud says:

            The Friends N Family Plan

          • Mac says:

            Of course I jest. I mean, who could possibly take seriously, on any level of intelligence, or not, a mindset that would vote to keep Vicari in elected office for over 50 years? At least in North Korea elections, one understands the people don’t have a free choice in being able to open their bathroom windows and clear the air.

            Personally, I blame Vicari for the outbreak of WWI. After being busted as an illegal alien, we tried to send him back home to his family roots, but they were insistent that that wasn’t going to happen, and promised to fight to the death to make sure of that, which they did.

            So, rather than prolong the war, he was moved to the Seasides, and our government made a deal with Lakewood to finance building a wall around Toms River to protect itself from this tragic event befalling the Seasides. Thus, the current amnesty.

            And God appears to be on Lakewood’s side. Lakewood is growing and the Seasides are being mercifully reclaimed by both Mother Nature and the flame-throwing, Hurricane Sandy, boardwalk sneak attack Big Bic.

            I don’t know if this is a win-win, but it’s clearly an attempt to give a lift to our quality of life here in Ocean County.

  2. Joe Pockets says:

    Who is the go to guy to get a job at Toms river Public works ?

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