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Campaign Finance Reform, the Key to Ending Greed in Politics: Brogan

I often wonder if other folks are as tired as I am of the unending back and forth in all levels of American Politics. Then, I ask myself a very simple and seemingly important question and that question is this, what might stop or at best moderate this nonsense?

The answer again and again comes back to me through my own experience and for that matter most folks experience in life with the knowledge that to much of anything is no good for us. So, why not have campaign finance reform, and term limits. It’s really a silly question in this age of computers and technology in which all of us can ascertain the truth – if we choose to.

The answer is greed, and power lust, and if I want to be perfectly honest I doubt I’d want to surrender the exclusivity of their positions from local council person to U.S. Senate. We all cherish EGO pampering, but as a great philosopher once said EGO can stand for Edge God Out, and then where are we in terms of humble service, for it has also been said a politician worries about the next election, a true statesman worries about the next generation.

Perhaps, limiting monetary gain, and time to achieve a laudable legacy might aid the creation of statesman rather than greedy and power hungry politicians. Real campaign finance reform would be a good start.

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