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Election 2017, Toms River

Too Early for Toms River Campaign Signs?

Robert DiBiase

TOMS RIVER – Is it too early for campaign lawn signs? The township Republican club president took a shot at the Democratic council challengers over the issue via social media this weekend. One Democratic candidate, asked to respond, pushed back and lobbed his own criticism at the incumbent Republican administration.

Toms River GOP leader Bob DiBiase was on the offensive against a slate of Democratic challengers by way of social media this weekend. DiBiase was critical of the fact that the Democratic council candidates had placed campaign signs at numerous locations in Toms River, before the Republicans were able to get their signs out. He alleged that the Democrats were not in compliance with the law, but did not cite a specific statute or provision of the township code.

Bob DiBiase


“The Toms River Republicans will wait and avoid blighting the town with the obligatory campaign signs that our democrat antagonists decided to start 8 days earlier than the law allows,” DiBiase said in an official statement that was posted to the Toms River GOP Facebook page.

Daniel Rodrick, a Democratic council candidate, struck back at the GOP when asked to respond to DiBiase’s campaign sign criticism by a reporter.

“The mail-in ballots landed last week,” Rodrick said when asked to respond. “The election is already underway and we are in full compliance with the ordinance.”

The council candidate later pivoted to a swipe at a recent wave of development occurring in northern portions of the township. In the wake of rapid growth from neighboring Lakewood, development has become a thorny political issue in Toms River.

“Mr. DiBiase is trying to distract attention away from the Avalanche of development the Republicans are enabling in North Dover,” Rodrick concluded.

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