Have a favorite in the governor’s race? Tuesday’s your last chance to register to vote

TRENTON — Want to vote in the Nov. 7 election and haven’t registered yet? Time’s about to run out. The deadline to register to vote and cast a ballot for the state’s first new governor in eight years is Tuesday. County registration offices across the state and some municipal clerks will have extended evening hours Tuesday…

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11 Responses

  1. USAFWX says:

    I have a least favorite candidate.

  2. Guest says:

    Well all the republicans can thank Chris Criste for the fact that Guadano is gonna lose in a very big way next month. Reality is that may affect downline candidates in the Republican elections . There is no way after what Christie did Over the last 8 years the republicans will maintain control of Trenton. She is down double digits in the polls as of today

  3. Mustang Sally says:

    I actually was impressed with Rendo last night. Not sure who dressed Oliver though as she looked like an eye test.

  4. David Goloff says:

    Let’s see – Do I have a favorite in the governor’s race? Well given a choice between two committed socialists, I choose the one who has not (to my knowledge) said they want NJ to be a Sanctuary State. So I don’t want Murphy to make this a sanctuary state. Either way, we already have a socialist state and that will become increasingly true.

    • #AmnestyDondaConfraudster says:

      Everyone paid with other ppls money ie taxes from crossing guards to Pols to teachers to cops and everyone else whether or not they want to admit it or not is a socialist which has been in place for a long time
      Trump U was a Fraud
      Blame Ronnie Dementia Reagan for his immigration policy was? wait for it? #Amnesty
      Trumpdafraud has had NO Legislative victories because? They would screw most Americans that s why
      You supporters of Trump have been Conned

    • guest says:

      Guadano is so far behind in the poll’s. Murphy will win and the D’s will take over in Trenton. The effect will trickle down to local races in Ocean County, not the County races at all., as usual.

      • Al Point Pl. says:

        What local races do you honestly think are gonna switch from Republican to Democrat in Ocean County whether in part or entirety.

        • Guest says:

          Final answer. None.

          • #AmnestyDondaConFraudster says:

            Let us pray lol

            Toth, who was seeking a four-year term on the Township Council as a Republican candidate when he was arrested in August 2015, left the council race that year but insisted he was innocent.

            In 2015, Toth said in a statement: “Let me be clear: the charges filed against me are false and baseless. I’ve spent my entire life building my reputation, and I will devote my full energies toward proving my innocence. As such, I have requested that my name be withdrawn from the ballot for Township Council in Brick.”

            Toth could not immediately be reached for comment on Tuesday. An old cellphone number for the former councilman was disconnected and his attorney did not immediately return a call for comment. Two Brick Republican party members said they no longer had his contact information

            Innocent ppl don’t cope a plea
            Happy Gilmore didn’t save you ?

          • Guest says:

            Ok and this has what to do with races outside of Brick. Actually this has nothing to do with Brick currently, it is already run by the Democrats. Can you name any other towns that will switch from R to D here in good old OC.

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