IRS Files New Lien Against Gilmore Law Firm, GOP Chair Selling Toms River Property

TOMS RIVER – Another lien was recorded against the law firm of Ocean County GOP Chairman George Gilmore in late September, public records showed. The latest lien comes amid Gilmore’s sale of his 8 Grand Avenue property in Toms River.

According to the records of the Ocean County Clerk’s Office, the lien was recorded on September 28th, 2017. This lien follows numerous other liens that were recorded both against the Ocean County GOP chairman’s law firm and his personal residence.

September’s lien was far smaller compared to the others that were filed in the past year, with this one amounting to just $4,077.87. The last lien filed against the law firm was filed in late April, with the IRS originally screwing up on the amount, before filing  a corrected lien.

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Selling 8 Grand Avenue Property

Mr. Gilmore is also selling one of his Toms River properties, according to records on file with the county clerk’s office. In late August, a notice of real estate settlement was filed indicating that the chairman intended to sell his property located at 8 Grand Avenue to Veronica and Joseph Rose, both of Jackson. A listing on the website said the asking price for the home was $354,000.

According to a search of county deed records, a deed finalizing the sale has yet to be recorded.

GOP insiders that spoke with OCP have speculated that the sale of the house is a move by the chairman to put together money to pay off some of the liens, as a full-scale federal criminal investigation into Gilmore’s financial affairs remains underway.

Gavin Rozzi

Gavin Rozzi is the editor of Ocean County Politics and a lifelong Ocean County resident, residing in Lacey Township. Gavin's work centers on the intersection of money and politics in Ocean County, with a focus on public corruption. In 2017 he created New Jersey's first statewide freedom of information portal, He can be reached via email at or via phone at (732)-504-3636 ext. 1 or on encrypted phone / text app Signal.

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29 Responses

  1. Tommy p says:

    Nothing fancy about this house, looks like a John Gotti Place.

  2. Good catch Joe says:

    Gavin on his A game in keeping up with the criminals …

  3. #AmnestDondaCon says:

    Lock him UP Lock him UP

    “GOP insiders that spoke with OCP have speculated that the sale of the house is a move by the chairman to put together money to pay off some of the liens, as a full-scale federal criminal investigation into Gilmore’s financial affairs remains underway”
    Come on TC give the man a raise

    • Guest says:

      Based on that information.
      Then he is making a deal with them to get it paid and set up some type of a repayment program.

  4. #AmnestyDondacon says:

    Send a message
    Lock him up Lock him up remember only guilty ppl take the 5th or lawyer up

  5. Mercy Otis Warren says:

    Gilmore probably is a criminal in more ways than one, but I find it hard to get all worked up about a person trying to keep his own money (albeit probably ill-gained). With the amount of taxes they forcibly extract, the IRS is the criminal enterprise in this instance.

  6. #AmnestyDondaCon says:

    Happy pay those back taxes and use it to pave Rt 9
    Whatcha doing wit da cash Happy?
    Gavin is that drone fixed?
    Can you fly it over the “road” and point out which conflicted member owns that land locked parcel behind Penn Ave?
    Keep up the Great work
    Gavin Rozzi for TC write him in

    • Gavin Rozzi says:

      Still need to get the proper torx screwdriver. Working on it… May end up having to replace it if I can’t get the camera motor situation straightened out. I may have some old footage of some of the rail trail stuff I can pull in the mean time.

      • #AmnestyDondaCon says:

        That would be great sorry to hear about your drone problem.
        If you don’t already know who owns the land locked parcel west of the road behind both the Shop Rite and behind Penn Ave you might be surprised
        Conflict of interest every where but Lacey
        Remember ppl write in Gavin Rozzi for TC
        #only guilty ppl lawyer up and take the 5th
        Lock Happy Gilmore up and end the Friends N Family Plan

  7. Mustang Sally says:

    Normally on investment properties it is sold as a gain. That’s a hot area for commercial real estate because of it proximity to the Court House. Sale and gain seems questionly low.

  8. #AmnestyDondaCon says:

    Watching the TC meeting It might be a good idea when giving a presentation to speak into a mic

  9. #AmnestyDondaConfraudster says:

    Put an end to the Friends N Family Plan and write in Gavin Rozzi for TC

  10. #AmnestyDondaConfraudster says:

    Lock him UP

  11. #AmnestyDondaConfraudster says:

    Make Lacey honest
    Write in Gavin Rozzi for TC
    Fly that drone over the “road” and expose the conflict of interest of the owner of the property west of the road behind Penn ave and Shop Rite
    Lock UP Happy Gilmore unless hes going to rat out his fellow criminals
    For Sale Adult Diapers for the Friends of Happy Gilmore

  12. #AmnestyDondaConfraudster says:

    Show us the money Happy Gilmore pay your taxes and rat out your co conspirators so they can be jailed along with you Happy Mike Ritacco is waiting for you
    Lock him up !!!!!!!!!!!

    • guest says:

      Wow, a little creepy obsession with this Gilmore guy huh?

      • #AmnestyDondaConfraudster says:

        He is screwing you and you are too stupid to know it
        Not to mention at the very least a tax cheat but we all know well perhaps except for you that he is a criminal
        Write in Gavin Rozzi and put an end to the RepubliCON Friends N Family Plan

  13. #AmnestyDondaConfraudster says:

    Election Day approaching write in Gavin Rozzi for TC

    • Gavin Rozzi says:

      Thanks for your support! Unlike the incumbent, George isn’t showing up to the Captain’s Inn for fundraisers for me, I can promise you that. While I’m not officially running, I have been humbled by all of the write-in votes I received in the primary and would like to thank those that chose to cast them.

  14. #AmnestyDondaConFraudster says:

    Write in Gavin Rozzi for TC

  15. #AmnestyDondaConFraudster says:

    Hey whats the vig for the Taco Bell?

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