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IRS Files New Lien Against Gilmore Law Firm, GOP Chair Selling Toms River Property

TOMS RIVER – Another lien was recorded against the law firm of Ocean County GOP Chairman George Gilmore in late September, public records showed. The latest lien comes amid Gilmore’s sale of his 8 Grand Avenue property in Toms River.

According to the records of the Ocean County Clerk’s Office, the lien was recorded on September 28th, 2017. This lien follows numerous other liens that were recorded both against the Ocean County GOP chairman’s law firm and his personal residence.

September’s lien was far smaller compared to the others that were filed in the past year, with this one amounting to just $4,077.87. The last lien filed against the law firm was filed in late April, with the IRS originally screwing up on the amount, before filing  a corrected lien.


Selling 8 Grand Avenue Property

Mr. Gilmore is also selling one of his Toms River properties, according to records on file with the county clerk’s office. In late August, a notice of real estate settlement was filed indicating that the chairman intended to sell his property located at 8 Grand Avenue to Veronica and Joseph Rose, both of Jackson. A listing on the website said the asking price for the home was $354,000.

According to a search of county deed records, a deed finalizing the sale has yet to be recorded.

GOP insiders that spoke with OCP have speculated that the sale of the house is a move by the chairman to put together money to pay off some of the liens, as a full-scale federal criminal investigation into Gilmore’s financial affairs remains underway.

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