This N.J. Republican is now balking at plan to kill your property tax break

WASHINGTON — Republican efforts to fast-track a tax bill ran into a roadblock Tuesday when Rep. Tom MacArthur and other House Republicans balked at passing legislation targeting your property tax break. The provision is in the Senate budget resolution that House Republican leaders had hoped to pass this week, only to run into opposition from MacArthur…

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14 Responses

  1. Mac says:

    What good are reduced property taxes if I can’t afford the medical care I need to live long enough to enjoy the property tax savings being touted here? Sorry to say Rep. MacArthur, but you’re a day late and a dollar short again. Perhaps you should use that phrase as your next carpetbagger campaign slogan. or at least share it with your true Morris County home partner, Rep. Frelinghuser. I mean, you know so little about the people and values of the 3rd District that you moved into the 2nd District either by mistake, or by design, knowing you’d have better Congressional representation for yourself and your family.

    • llewellynh says:

      He isn’t asking for savings. The new tax plan looks as if it will eliminate the deduction for property taxes. In it’s place, there will be a blanket deduction for everything you deduct. In NJ because our property taxes are so high that blanket deduction will not be large enough to give us what we currently have.

      MacArthur is doing the right thing here though the headline seems not to say that.

      • #AmnestyDonDaConFraudster says:

        lol MacArthur is a scumbag want proof? Look at his repeal and replace plan
        Single payer system where everyone pays in
        the ppl corps and yes the Govt can also legalize weed and sports betting and perhaps a national lottery where the money is dedicated
        Of course Red Welfare States are in favor of it look what W VA gets Welfare
        Keep Voting against your own interests you morons
        I love the uneducated

        • llewellynh says:

          All I was addressing was the position he took on the possible new tax outline. I didn’t feel the headline represented what is actually going on right now.

          And in this particular instance, MacArthur is in fact trying so far to represent the interests of this State.

          End of my point. I am not Red or Blue but am an Independent and just think truth is important.

          • #AmnestyDonDaConFraudster says:

            How about the position the scumbag took on Healthcare?
            Don’t worry this puppet will vote against the ppl of NJ interest AND right in line with the Trumptards
            The truth is the guy is a scumbag that is unless you like supporting Red Welfare States Me I don’t
            Here is a fact when you are accused of FRAUD and you pay 25 million to settle yes Virginia you are a FRAUD

          • Mac says:

            I understand property taxes and where they come from. However, MacArthur is far from sincere on his current newly adopted position. MacArthur smugly tied his wagon to the wrong quarterback, and now is starting to realize his wholly purchased carpetbagger position is in serious jeopardy and his self-made toxic quarterback has about as much chance to meaningfully back him for reelection as the Giants have of going to the Super Bowl this year.

            Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

    • llewellynh says:

      Our high property taxes come from politicians who deal only with New Jersey. MacArthur isn’t one of them.

      Property taxes are created close to home.

  2. Mercy Otis Warren says:

    With a budget as enormous and convoluted as this one, what difference does it really make? NJ isn’t going to change. The Feds are not going to change. Right now we are still milking cows; just about dry but still being milked. What happens when we have nothing left? That’s right; we become ripe for slaughter and be rest assured, the vultures will not stop until they have picked our bones clean.

  3. Joe Pockets says:

    It passed in the house the senate next…..time to pay all the moocher states there raise! I guess NJ don’t pay enough ?

    • #AmnestyDonDaConFraudster says:

      That is what you get for voting for the con man and all RepubliCONS
      Red States are welfare moron filled states who vote against their own interests

  4. #AmnestyDonDaConJailbirdFRAUD says:

    Rise up Wake up Help yourself
    Write in Gavin Rozzi for TC
    End the Friends N Family Plan

  5. #TrumpisaconmanFraud says:

    Mac Arthur fighting it? He was in Bayville today endorsing it
    Wake up Republicons are trying to screw you

    • llewellynh says:

      I wrote that 19 days ago when the House was working on their version of the Bill. Today the Senate chopped away and did things after this morning’s meeting in Bayville that will definitely hurt us in NJ unless the State, counties and towns start to reduce spending.

      I am not defending MacArthur but did feel at that 19 day ago point, he was doing a good job of trying to protect those of us in high tax States.

      It ain’t over yet but it certainly doesn’t look encouraging now. The tax implications for businesses can hopefully help this area to stabilize and the doing away with the health care fine for those who don’t want to participate and that is a small step.

      We have a Do-Less-Than-Nothing congress and it’s coming from both sides of the aisle.

      • #Trumpisaconmanfraudpussygrabr says:

        Now follow the bouncing ball The reason the RepubliCON led Congress public policies do NOT pass is because they are designed to scew ppl
        MacArthur is for the tax plan how is that trying to protect your dumb ass
        This area is stabilized lol Jobs here unless Govt DO NOT pay a living wage
        Corp America and Wall St are flush with cash sooooooooooooo why are wages not going up? Trimps unemployment numbers lowest in 17 yrs Greed
        Who in their right mind doesn’t want health care?
        Riddle me this bat women why are ppl PAYING to be on Obamacare? Answer because where they work and their employer doesn’t offer it otherwise how do these folks pay for it?

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