OPINION: No Political Campaign Signs Near Toms River 9/11 Memorial

TO THE EDITOR: I get that we’re in the election cycle, but it would seem to me if you’re running for election in Toms River, you should know that planting those wire signs on open space property or green acres property is illegal and parks that money from the open space tax is used to pay municipal workers, so why do it?

The biggest sin is putting those signs right where the sign dedicated to those who died in 9/11 do Republicans have any conscience? I called code enforcement and the signs are still out there, so what does it take to get a town and it’s political party to do the right thing.

Robert Bressman

Robert Bressman is a resident of Toms River

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35 Responses

  1. Beachwood says:

    I saw D signs there.

    • kickyourace says:

      I saw R signs there.

      • Guest says:

        They were both there.

        • Crosby Crossfit says:

          Was kind of thinking based on a piece of junk we mail received this morning. The powers that be in Toms River, should be more worried about the bloated salaries being paid to the people they put in charge. Some of the salary packages listed are just disgusting. If the amounts get any fatter they can double as the Goodyear Blimp. Are the voters blind, or maybe just do not know the extent of the carnage. What is really worry some is that I am sure this is just a partial list of the “family and friends club”

          • G is for zbally says:

            Don’t believe everything you read.

          • Mac says:

            Frankly, when it comes to campaign mailers, there is nothing to believe in any of them, regardless of who sends them. I’m actually surprised the postal employees union hasn’t demanded that they be banned as a legitimate toxic treat to the health of mail handlers and their families, not to mention the health of the general public the government is responsibly seeking ways to reduce the costs of having to subsidize.

            The only thing I find more offensive than the quality of political flyers received in the mail is the quality of individual that gets paid unprincipled amounts of taxpayer heisted money to print these undermining American way of life falsehoods that generally attack, degrade and/or exploit the values of our country’s freedoms and intelligence. The more flyers I get of a candidate in the mail, especially incumbents, the more I know the names that the powers-to-be have the most to lose from financially in the event their selected public programmed deceptions don’t win.

            I’ve learned all this from studying the failures of over 400 (to-be-individually named a bit down the road – many still in office) local, county and state officials elected to advance our quality of life, after several decades of comparing our failed election results to their election campaign activities and styles. The results, as we all so painfully experience year after year, are amazingly just like a 24-7-365 never-ending Vicari election campaign. There’s no possible hope for growth, just more of the same old, same old whitewash of stagnation, deception and organized racketeered corruption the voters seem to consider politically-correct to keep underwriting.

            NJ voters seem to treasure being ‘wiseguys’ walking around with holes in their shoes while preening their importance of wasting their lives making some infested blackhead of the human race richer, and even more powerful, with little to no return at best, except misguided ego self-touting.

            As the textbook cover-boy of sleazy, glossy, fictitious non-mail-ordered ‘faux news’ campaign flyers, Ocean County Freeholder Joe Vicari’s elected leadership is candidly nothing more than any other organized scammed hustle under the Seaside Heights boardwalk, without even having to go there to personally receive a sieve in the back experience, to boot. I mean, just ask Ocean County Prosecutor Coronato. One of them is the front side of Vicari, and the other is the backside of Vicari. The jury is still out on which side of Vicari is walking forward when the lies of their official performances appear in the weekly news.

            When it comes to heroes in America, the American citizens are hard-pressed to find even a handful of elected politicians that they would want their children to proudly follow in their footsteps when they grow up. In Ocean County, the number of political heroes is minus infinity, by design. So very, very sad for the future of America.

          • Crosby Crossfit says:

            I get what you’re saying but there’s no way the check and see if the salarys, benefit packages, Bells and whistles,Health care packages, incentives that some of these employees,
            appoint officials get are correct? There were 3 or 4 that make close to $200,000 and 1 is close to $300,000! It is ridiculous. This is a few in Tom’s river alone.

          • Mac says:

            Home rule = Fool’s Gold

          • #AmnestyDonDaConFraudster says:

            Unless you are a member of The Friends N Family Plan or the “Professional Friends N Family Plan

          • Mac says:

            Laughing. When one looks into the gene pool of Ocean County political leadership from the Friends N Family kiddie pool that has obviously never had a cleansing bath itself in the past couple of centuries, outsiders are absolutely amazed that an entire county of ‘educated’ American voters can be led around by the nose by an organization that has never, even once, been able to produce an individual of even basic human substance, much less a man capable of being able to rise up off his knees even once in his lifetime.

            I mean, when one looks at Gilmore, Vicari, Dasti, and so many dozens of dozens of others continually reproduced by this embarrassing inbred daisy chain Seaside gene pool, one can’t help but notice the same resemblance of physical distortions borne by ancient kings and queens as each generations reproductions continued to suffer the physical imbalance of rotting gene cells simply reacting to being denied a breath of fresh air for so many, many generations.

            So hopelessly sad for a society that never learns from its past history of failures.

          • Jazinn says:

            Very true the Tom’s River leadership if that’s what you can call it. Is worried they may lose a seat in this election go round. It’s actually hard to believe considering the way votes go down in good old river city. However a big prize talking points this year is the overbuilding in the northern part of town.If for some reason they lose even one seat, that mouthpiece whomever it may be will never stop talking about specifically the overbuilding over crowding and developments going on in Tom’s river. Then of course the patronage over bloated jobs that are passed out.

          • Lanoka H. says:

            Good read on it, big ego’s, very small pond. Mostly they have no friends and seek friendship within these organizations. However fair weather is the key.

          • Mac says:

            While I’m not sure much would change, it would be refreshing to see some new faces on the numerous political welfare parasite boards the currently keep any community advancements in neutral.

          • Guest says:

            I have been a resident of Toms River since 1999 in the East Dover section. When was Vicari Mayor?

          • Mac says:

            5 times during the 80’s and 90’s, up to about 5 years before you started paying the bills of his results

          • Guest says:


            was mayor decades and decades ago why you bring it up now.

          • Mac says:

            Why not? It’s not like he has changed any throughout the years. Just more of the same. And it goes without saying that the Vicari standards for that mayor’s office have also been successfully upheld by the current lack of substance in that office, but at only half the price per incident. So, at least some progress in reducing costs has been achieved.

            Vicari, who the voters seem to admire so much that they have made him their lifetime standard bearer of the values of Ocean County, considers himself an educator. And as such a role model for the neighborhood, his path to success is a natural inspiration for parents to be able to use to teach their children how to proudly follow in his footsteps, correct?

          • Guest says:

            We shall see in 2019 if the current TR mayor maintains his post or others make a move on that seat. Things may not bode well for him due to the current D upheaval in that town.

  2. suzie says:

    Just despicable. I think you should snap a picture of the political signs violating the law so the public knows who NOT To vote for.

  3. Mac says:

    Why not take the signs down yourselves if the ‘Friends N Family’ employees continue to fail to do their jobs properly? I mean, how illegal can it be to remove illegal campaign signs put up by candidates, and their supporters, that are openly spitting on the law before these candidates are even legally elected to be able to circumcise the laws and community values for their own whims and benefits.

  4. Mercy Otis Warren says:

    Political signs should be permitted on any public property as long as they are not causing a real (as opposed to contrived) safety hazard and as long as their owners clean them up afterwards. I don’t see how a 9-11 memorial or any memorial should be exempt from the aforementioned. Isn’t free political speech a sign of a vibrant democracy; the very thing our troops are apparently fighting to preserve — except they are fighting in Afghanistan, Iraq and Niger — none of which pose or ever did pose a threat to the US???

    • brez brez says:

      This is an absolutely ridiculous post. First open space land and parks it is illegal to plant political signs on those properties, and just from the moral stand point even if it wasn’t illegal it’s disrespectful. Think before you post. If you don’t know the laws, then don’t speak about something you know nothing about. Political signs are not freedom of speech.

      • Mercy Otis Warren says:

        “Political signs are not freedom of speech” Wow, that is a heck of a false statement — no matter how you spin it. And generally speaking I am aware of the law; just don’t care much for those that violate the Constitution and/or are plain petty and ridiculous.

        • brez brez says:

          First off you don’t know jack about the Constitution, generally speaking you don’t know the law otherwise you wouldn’t be writing this trash. I don’t spin , just the facts, before you put things in print, know what you’re talking about because you’re making a fool of yourself.

          • Mercy Otis Warren says:

            A. I am writing anonymously, so I am not worried about making a fool out of my virtual self.

            B. Sorry for not simply parroting the mindless drivel of the gate keepers, who don’t really like freedom all that much and who commonly pass bad laws (this one among them) to quash it.

            C. Learn to love liberty!

            D. Happy thanksgiving.

          • brez brez says:

            For people like you being anonymously is the best way to post. Doing something illegally has nothing to do with liberty or disrespecting a site meant to honor people who died. You think it’s a bad law then change the law, but don’t spout off about what your constitutional right is.

          • Mercy Otis Warren says:

            I will spout off about anything I like; thank you very much (presuming of course that Mr. Rozzi does not object). Doing something illegal very often does have to do with liberty. Are you familiar with the stories of Jesus Christ; Martin Luther King; Thomas More and Ghandi? It is called civil disobedience and it is as American as apple pie and baseball. Political speech in the midst of a memorial is not disrespectful. Political speech on public property is the backbone of the US. Take your snowflake PC censorship back to the dustbin of history where it belongs.

          • brez brez says:

            The more you post the dumber you get!!

          • Mercy Otis Warren says:

            Great response; like I said happy thanksgiving.

          • #byebyeJared says:

            The Constitution does not set you Free
            You want Freedom? Go live in the woods in AK
            Remember Corp are ppl too
            Trump U is/was a Fraud

  5. Mustang Sally says:

    Beautiful Memorial tho

  6. TRWatch says:

    Michael Ritacco was the king of campaign sign placement, and removal …the apple doesn’t fall far the tree, on both sides. Petty politics while our town is being raped over the coals.

    • Mac says:

      One only needs to look a the low quality of human leadership abilities of both political parties in Ocean County to understand Ocean County is at the top of their game of what they have to offer the American public. Petty politics is all they are capable of providing, both by lifetime practices and available ability, and unfortunately, have never disappointed.

      Ladies, if you’re looking for a real man to attach your wagon to for a political lifetime experience, then it goes without saying Ocean County is the last place you want to look. I mean, the rest of your future life will end at the Ocean County borders. There’s no one else in America that has ever found any substance in an Ocean County kneepad, which historically has been the only type of politician available in Ocean County on any level of government.

  7. #AmnestyDonDaConFraudster says:

    End The Friends N Family Plan in Lacey
    Write in Gavin Rozzi

  8. @byebyeJared says:

    Al Frankem ? WTF see ya

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