Sexual harassment suit against freeholder director settled for $550K

OCEAN COUNTY — A sexual harassment suit filed by a now-retired worker against the Ocean County freeholder director has been settled for $550,000, according to court documents obtained by Former general supervisor of building services Rosemary Mennona, 53, of Toms River agreed to the payout July 13, the settlement document shows. Longtime Republican freeholder Joseph…

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  1. guest says:

    Can you imagine if the Democratic Org in Ocean County had put up a real candidate this year for Freeholder and this was released back in mid summer? Been around too long in Ocean County to think for a nano second this will matter on Tuesday. So this comes out 2 days before the election, take it to the bank. Vicari wins again Tuesday with nary a problem.

    • JIMLETELLIER says:

      If the OC Dems ever put up and supported really strong candidates, Wyatt Earp, Marty Harrison and the rest of all those former Ocean County and local Democrapic officials would lose their County Board of Election Jobs. Or their State MVC jobs or handouts of professorial contracts. There is no real Democratic County Party, it is in name only to take care of a hand full of political bosses and their cronies.

      • guest says:

        You sir, just nailed it,. Spot on cannot add to that. Hence Mr Vicari win’s Tuesday no doubt.

        • Guest says:

          I wholeheartedly agree on the County level. However on the local municipal level Brick broke the mold after the former Republican administration ruimed it for the republicans in Brick. So those guys took their show to the Tom’s River MUA where it is not as public. On the local Municipal level it can be done. If Tom’s R loses a seat. That could start the change in that town. Again the County is tough. Joe V is immensely popular with the seniors.

          • Mac says:

            That’s because the seniors can’t connect the dots. Apparently, they have suffered so much hurricane shock and unsatisfactory recoveries during their lifetimes here, that their heads have become permanently stuck in the sea of our always shifting sands they have entrenched themselves into.

            I mean, Vicari is cashing in his extra sets of gifted taxpayer-paid health benefits he can’t use by state law for tens of thousands of our hard earned tax dollars to put in his pocket annually, while the seniors that vote for him pay higher and higher premiums and deductibles to make up for the health benefit shortages he is actively, and knowingly, helping to undermine and bankrupt for deceptive personal gain. How many seniors have to pay their taxes for Vicari to be able to pocket $20,000 to $30,000 per health benefit plan each year? How many seniors can pay their health care increases after those tax payments are sacrificed to keep Vicari in pocket change?

            The fact that Vicari and Harry Weinstein go perfect together might present a problem for us though. If Vicari and Weinstein were to get married, would any pre-existing conditions lower our burdens, or increase them? And on the other side of the coin, would the taxpayer-required sexual harassment payouts stay at a half million per incident, or automatically double to a million due to association?

            It’s your vote, and a community documentation of your values. On Tuesday, Nov. 7, let’s start a new trend in Ocean County. Let’s stand up and vote out Vicari rather than continuing to bend over for more of the same.

      • Mac says:

        Tough to argue with, for sure. However, in this election, any one of these Dems, and almost anyone else of any political party, would pass the smell test odor-free over Vicari. At this point in time, and with the information available to the voters, a vote for Vicari represents your own personal values, not your personal politics.

        • JIMLETELLIER says:

          The OC Democrapic leaders use the excuse for putting up such weak candidates is, “We must protect the party line.” What they really mean is. As long as we pretend to challenge the OC Republican Party, they will continue to buy us off. The OC Dems officials are eager to accept some scraps from the political table. (i.e. Board of Election Jobs, NJ MVC jobs at local offices.)

          • Mac says:

            Agree. But still superior to Vicari, even more so than usual in this election. Frankly, I believe Vicari would join the Dem party at the moment if he thought he could weasel another pension increase and health benefit cash-out to it.

          • Cuddy says:

            Correct on all counts. Mac, you sound like your very familiar with the ins and outs of County politics. That being said I’m pretty sure you know that Vicari will win tomorrow again as if this article never appeared.

          • Mac says:

            I hold out hope that you are incorrect in this coming election, but if not, at least the stationery industry will experience a boom. Look at all the letterheads and signs that are going to have to be re-titled as: HARVEY WALLBANGER COUNTY, State of New Jersey.

          • Nalls says:

            Mac Mac Mac. As Confucius once said. Hope in one hand and doodie in the other and see what you get. This is Boss Hogg county.

          • Mac says:

            Yes, it is Boss Hogg County. That’s why I am so sure that when that exclusive pin finds it’s way through the endless patches and layers of family retreads offered to the public year in and year out, the entire county will explode as any overstuffed balloon would be expected to blow as it clears the county’s MUA tunnels of it’s backed-up, unnecessary blights.

            However, I wasn’t raised in Ocean County originally, so I know what it’s like to be able to see a glass half full instead of always half empty. And the Freeholders in the county I was raised in thought more of themselves than to simply hold ‘hope’ in one hand and doodie in the other. So did that county’s voters.

            Regardless, I’ll stop here. I don’t want to overwhelm you completely in just one sitting. You’re definitely not Confucius.

          • Nalls says:

            Dorothy you are in OC. Not in Kansas anymore.

          • #BonespursAmnestyDonDaConFraud says:

            Another proud supporter of The Friends N Family Plan out at the stump dump

          • Mac says:

            You’re not looking too good at being a Socrates impersonator either, Joey.

  2. Tommy p says:

    Caption: “Anybody want to Smell my fingers?”

  3. Mac says:

    Love the picture. It clearly says, “Hey, look at these hands. They’re clean and well-manicured. And no other weapon for an assault was located on me, and I can prove it. I’ve been framed.”

  4. #BonespursAmnestyDonDaConFraud says:

    As part of the settlement he should have been forced to resign as well
    Where are the other Free Loaders on this? Is this ok with them?
    The tax payers of Ocean County are mighty stupid ppl
    How is a known tax cheat still employed by many towns in Ocean County?

  5. #BonespursAmnestyDonDaConFraud says:

    Write in Gavin Rozzi for Lacey TC

  6. Guest says:

    And the winner is.

    • Devin says:

      Not the residents of Ocean county. Even though they overwhelmly Vote the Republicans in County seats year after year. It looks like another major town in Ocean county is going to the Democrats. All hell has broken loose in Toms River. Looks as though the
      Dems are marching in like Brick.

      • Mac says:

        It’s amazing what a handful of salt can do in overcoming the controlled sliming of Ocean County. Freeholder Joe Vicari, it’s time for you to meet your fate, the CEO of Salt, Mr. Peter. With a little sprinkle here, and a little sprinkle there, the sands on the Seaside beaches will get a little purer and whiter with each shake of this self-rewarding, God-created, flavoring.

        And the timing couldn’t be better. I mean, Gilmore is finally reaching the age that he is old enough himself to be able to blend in with the ‘traditional’ graveyard crowd if so elected as an Ocean County Freeholder. And with Appleby’s endorsement, Gilmore is sure to win a seat if he runs. Appleby is promoting him as a citizens’ ‘economy’ discount candidate for office. Apparently, Gilmore’s oopsies will only cost us $50,000 per incident, instead of $550,000 per each Vicari oopsie.

        Finally, a bargain in Ocean County, and a self-made one at that. Now that’s truly ‘more bang for the buck.’

        • Devin says:

          Salt Peter______ there you go. No mistake about it the County is still over run by the Republicans. What I was saying is the Dem’s smelled blood in the water in Toms River. Anytime you pay someone upwards of 275 large plus to do a job worth half that you are playing with fire. He was not alone in that money patronage pit, the bulls eye was the over development that they hammered home.

          • #Bonespursscam says:

            Vicari is the Roy Moore of Ocean County
            Nice to see Trump make it to Vietnam after 40 yrs #Bonespurs

  7. #PineysrstupidpplTrumUFraud says:

    Ivanka Trump she of the NOT making her crap in the US coming to Bayville today to tout Tax Bill. It will be packed with unemployed low wage earners and white hair old folks all too stupid to know they would be getting screwed
    Hey Tommy how did that health care plan work out for ya?

  8. Nuclearprogram says:

    Little quite around here lately, but here is a thought: With all of the sexual harassment charges being thrown around Hollywood, and other places, costing people millions of dollars in lost income based on hearsay alone, sure some famous people have admitted inappropriate behavior, but most have denied any wrongdoing, shouldn’t Vacari’s backhanded admission of guilt be enough for his resignation?

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