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Brogan: The Gold Standard

The Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office recently released a press release regarding a drug raid at Donovan Catholic High School. As a Licensed Clinical Alcohol/Drug Counselor, and retired Lieutenant from the Ocean County Sheriff’s Department I have been in favor of the Prosecutor’s decision to bring the drug dogs into the County’s Public and Private Schools from it’s inception.

Al Della Fave

Joe Coronato

I feel however, that when a school is found to be drug free the Prosecutor should deliver a congratulatory message to the public regarding such a result and thereby set a gold standard for that particular school but others as well. Perhaps the incoming Prosecutors will enact such a ruling and go even further and attempt to encourage other schools to follow the gold standard policies of the school showing the best practices.

In closing let me simply say it’s progress not perfection that’s important, however let us not miss an opportunity to promote healthy competition. I find it tragic that the Prosecutor’s public information officer feels it inappropriate to compare clean schools against dirty schools, or if you prefer a dogged determination to save the lives and souls of the children and the families of Ocean County, through  the most vigorous policies possible in combatting what some believe to be the devil incarnate.

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