Barnegat Mayor Caputo in Hot Water

BARNEGAT – Citing “improper touching,” an alleged assault and “an out of control, profanity-laden tirade and the threat of violence against another Committeeman,” Barnegat’s all-Republican Township committee censured one their own on Tuesday, casting a vote of no confidence against Mayor Frank Caputo, according to a written statement provided by a committee member.

John Novak

Frank Caputo

“Today’s task is not a pleasant one – but a necessary one,” said Commiteeman John Novak of Tuesday’s vote, who made the motion for the censure. Novak was joined by the rest of the Barnegat committee as they cast votes in favor of the censure, with Caputo being the sole “no” vote.

Deputy Mayor Alfonso Cirulli requested that the censure vote be amended to include a vote of no confidence against Caputo, to which Novak and the other committee members agreed.

“While the public may evaluate us each November, we must be ever watchful throughout the year,” said Novak. “We need to police ourselves and when a situation requiring action presents itself, as this unfortunately does, we must act. Failure to do so would be inconsistent with our office and our oath.”

Caputo’s running mate, Susan McCabe, recently stepped down from her elected position to take a job as the township’s new labor attorney.

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