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Little Egg Harbor

Loesch Out in Little Egg Harbor

LITTLE EGG HARBOR – Township administrator Garrett Loesch has called it quits, about a year prior to the expiration of his current employment contract.

Mr. Loesch’s resignation became effective June 30th, according to sources with knowledge of the matter.

In response to an anonymous request made under the state’s Open Public Records Act (OPRA), Little Egg Harbor Township Clerk Diana McCracken said that there was no letter of resignation submitted by Loesch.

The recently retired Little Egg Harbor administrator’s latest employment contract was approved in 2016, but was retroactive to 2015, according to a publicly available copy obtained by a requester using the OPRAmachine freedom of information portal.

Loesch’s current contract was valid until 2019, when the administrator / CFO’s employment would once again come before the township committee for renewal.

Prior to the execution of his current employment contract, Loesch and Police Chief Richard Buzby were at the center of several controversies and very public spats between opposing factions of political & public officials.

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