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Election 2018, Stafford

Stafford GOP President Targets Supporters of Conservative Primary Victors

STAFFORD – Republican Club President Rich Carlson is sending tersely worded letters to supporters of the “Stafford Conservatives” who recently sweeped the GOP primary earlier this month.

With Stafford’s GOP establishment still reeling from the upset victory of a slate of Republican primary challengers, Republican Club President Rich Carlson is pushing back against supporters of the conservative candidates.

Unlike Ocean County GOP Chairman George Gilmore – who has tried to privately start a dialogue with some of the candidates via intermediaries – Carlson is moving for a purge of the winning primary campaign’s supporters from the rolls of the club membership roster.

Carlson’s letters were sent by certified mail to the homes of Stafford Republican Club members following the primary election. A club member who received one of the letters provided a redacted copy of OCP on the condition of anonymity.

Carlson contended in the letters that publicly supporting the primary candidates violated article VIII of the Republican club’s bylaws and was grounds for removing the members of the club.

“A motion will be put forth at the next Membership meeting to suspend you indefinitely,” Carlson wrote to the Republican club members that are on the outs. “You have blatantly violated our bylaws and have given us no choice in this matter.”

The conservative ticket, headed by mayoral candidate Gregory Myhre ousted the incumbents led by embattled Stafford Mayor John Spodofora,  who previously came under fire for embellishing his military service record.

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