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3 People TR BOE Member Leonard Has Criticized This Week

Toms River Board of Education Member Dan Leonard (I - Beachwood)

BEACHWOOD – School board representative Dan Leonard had heaps of criticism for numerous Toms River Republican elected officials and candidates this week.

Leonard, an elected official who represents the small borough of Beachwood on the Toms River Regional Board of Education, frequently offers colorful commentary about political foes on his “Team Leonard” campaign Facebook page.

Following a very public spat that was since resolved with Toms River board member Robert Onofrietti, in late 2017 Leonard said he was going to resign from the board of education before rescinding his resignation.

Here are 3 of the Republican candidates and political leaders that Board Member Leonard has taken shots at this week:

1. TR BOE Member Christopher Raimann

The Toms River Republican Cult have just nominated the biggest ZERO in town to run for one of the two Toms River Regional Schools Board Of Education seats up for grabs in November

Toms River School Board Member Dan Leonard

There’s no love lost between Leonard and Raimainn, a Toms River school board member backed by the township’s Republican establishment and its club.

Raimann, a frequent Leonard punching bag, was previously identified as the subject of a pending ethics complaint with the New Jersey School Ethics Commission.

Christopher Raimann – the “biggest zero in town?”

At issue in the Raimann ethics complaint is his alleged disclosure of confidential information obtained using his position as a board member. State ethics rules make it a violation of the school board member code of ethics if board members disseminate protected information that they’ve learned in the course of performing their official duties.

Leonard gave Raimann the name “Raimarosa,” comparing him to President Donald Trump’s former staffer Omarosa Manigault Newman.


Leonard also couldn’t help but take another shot at Raimann over his position with the Ocean County Sheriff’s Department, comparing his own credentials in the full social media posting:

2. Ocean County GOP Chairman George Gilmore

George Gilmore, seen with Lt. Gov Kim Guadagno

The Toms River school board member piled on criticism about the Ocean County Republican chairman’s mounting tax lien debt, calling the influential Republican leader a “partisan clown that has failed to live up to his own tax obligations.” Leonard also lampooned Gilmore by nicknaming him “George Lienmore” in subsequent public social media postings made on to the Team Leonard Facebook page.

The school board member also used the Gilmore tax issue as another opportunity to criticize fellow BOE Member Christopher Raimann for being backed by the Republicans, claiming that Gilmore and Raimann were “The Ethically Challenged Match Made in Heaven!”

Manafort ….. Cohen …… How far down the drain do you have to go to get to George Gilmore? Asking for a friend ……

Toms River School Board Member Dan Leonard

3. Freeholder Joe Vicari

Ocean County Freeholder Joe Vicari (R – Toms River)

Leonard excoriated Freeholder Joe Vicari in response to revelations in a media report about $850K being spent by Toms River Regional Schools to finance area parents sending their children to private religious schools in Lakewood.

He criticized the freeholder for opining on issues that are of largely symbolic importance, such as fighting to get a ship back from the government of North Korea.

Mr. Leonard, who is a county employee also blasted Freeholder Vicari’s alleged failure to attend meetings of the county’s workforce development board:

It’s Real Simple …… Lakewood Funds Republican Campaigns …… Toms River Republicans & Freeholders sell you out! We got real fiscal problems and Joe Vicari is trying to get a 70 year old ship back from North Korea? lol

Toms River School Board Member Dan Leonard

UPDATE: Leonard reached out to OCP following the publication of this article to state that he is no longer affiliated with the Republican party and now considers himself an independent.

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