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Brick, The Gravy Train

Ducey: “No Idea” Why Councilman Thinks I’m Related to Public Defender

BRICK – Mayor John Ducey on Thursday night pushed back against Councilman Jim Fozman’s allegation of being an in-law of the township’s public defender, disputing accusations made by the councilman earlier in the day.

Fozman – who has recently left the Democratic party and announced his intention to become a Republican – alleged that relatives of the mayor and business administrator were being hired in town hall, specifically claiming that Brick’s public defender was an in-law of the mayor, the latest in a series of barbs that have been traded by the two factions in the past week.

“Matt Sage is not my brother in law,” Mayor Ducey said Thursday night. “I have no idea why Fozman would think he is.”

Brick Councilman Jim Fozman

Prior to Fozman’s allegations, Ducey made his own charges of patronage against the councilman by alleging that Fozman, who previously lost the Brick Democrat chairmanship race to Ducey, wanted a position as the head of the township’s department of public works, and that he was seeking to get on the same “gravy train” of public positions that has benefited past Brick GOP leaders.

“From Acropolis, to Sangiovanni, to Brando, to Toth, to Scatturo, to Matthews, to DeLuca and on.  Fozman obviously wants to join that gravy train,” he previously said.

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