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Jackson Candidate: Voters Won’t Support Me Openly Because They Fear Retaliation

2018 Jackson Township Mayoral Candidate John Maneri.

2018 Jackson Township Mayoral Candidate John Maneri.

JACKSON – Candidate for mayor John Maneri has charged that residents have declined to sign his candidacy petition out of fear of possible retaliation from the incumbents for supporting an opposing campaign.

“I am not scared of this corrupt incumbent administration.”

Jackson mayoral candidate John Maneri

On the campaign trail, a Jackson Township mayoral challenger claimed that residents would not sign his petition because they didn’t want to face potential retaliation from incumbent Mayor Michael Reina for being publicly aligned with a dissenting ticket.

“Every other person that respectfully declined claimed that they were scared of Reina and his administration seeing their name aligning with somebody else,” Maneri, who is a political opponent of Reina’s claimed in a social media posting on his campaign Facebook page Saturday.

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