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LEH Democrat Files Tort Claim, Wants $1 Million in Damages for GOP Committeeman’s Insults

LITTLE EGG HARBOR – Citing damages to “my reputation as a person as well as a L.E.H. committeeman,” Dave Schlick (D – Tuckerton) has filed a tort claim notice against Republican colleague John Kehm. Schlick wants to sue the township for $1 million because of his allegations against Kehm.

The Democrat committeeman’s tort claim which he recently filed against his own municipal government arose out of an incident that occurred on April 12th, 2018 at the Little Egg Harbor Township municipal building, according to a copy of the tort claim notice made public on Monday using the statewide public records website OPRAmachine.

In it, Schlick alleges that he has faced a pattern of harassment from his Republican township committee colleague John Kehm, who have already had several contentious back-and-forths in recent years.

Schlick’s legal demand for $1 million in damages from Little Egg Harbor Township

Some of the allegations in Mr. Schlick’s tort claim – such as allegedly being told he had “bad breathe” and “inappropriate comments” – read like they could have been made out on the recess field at the nearby Pinelands Junior High School, but they were apparently made at a township committee meeting, according to the tort claim notice that was served on the Little Egg Harbor clerk’s office.

Schlick: I Suffered A “Verbal Assault” At LEH Committee Meeting

The gravamen of the Schlick tort claim was his claim of having been on the receiving end of a “verbal assault” from Kehm at a Little Egg Harbor Township Committee meeting.

Schlick claimed that what was said by Kehm at the public meeting constituted “slander as well as name calling” in his tort claim.

“The damages to my political career are impossible to repair,” he wrote.

Schlick’s allegations against John Kehm

Under the New Jersey Tort Claims Act, a notice of tort claim must be filed at least 6 months prior to the filing of a complaint alleging a tort committed by state and local government agencies. Failure to file one of these notices is often fatal to the success of any contemplated litigation against government agencies that are covered by this act, with similar equivalents existing on the federal level.

Schlick: Jean Cipriani “Has Witnessed Some Of It”

Jean Cipriani

The township’s legal counsel, Jean Cipriani, Esq., who is a partner at Gilmore & Monahan is alleged by Schlick to have witnsessed the altercation between him and Kehm, according to Schlick’s tort claim:

From Schlick’s tort claim notice

Also listed by Schlick as a witness was Republican Commiteewoman Bobbi Jo Crea.

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