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Little Egg Official Cited for Code Violations

Dave Schlick

LITTLE EGG HARBOR – The township has billed Committeeman Dave Schlick (D – Tuckerton) over $600 for work done on his Stage Road property this summer in response to property maintenance code violations, according to records recently made public.

Documents first released via a user request on the OPRAmachine statewide freedom of information website detailed the extent of the code violations at the Schlick property and the steps taken by the township’s code enforcement department in response to complaints.

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Little Egg Harbor Township records showed that on May 31st, 2018 code enforcement personnel visited the Stage Road property and performed an inspection, with a notice of violation being mailed out to Committeeman Schlick’s Tuckerton residence on the subsequent day, June 1st, 2018.

Photos of unabated violations at the Schlick property taken by code enforcement officials one month after the committeeman was notified.

Just over a month later, the property was reinspected on July 2nd, and code enforcers put in a work order on July 3rd to have maintenance work done on the property by the department of public works.

A letter mailed to Schlick invoicing him for work done by the DPW in response to the violations

The latest code violations are not Committeeman Schlick’s first run-in with the township code enforcement department.

Ocean County Politics has previously documented the contentious spat that occurred between Mr. Schlick, Police Chief Buzby, former Township Administrator Loesch and Code Enforcement Officer Michael Fromosky, who recently received a six-figure settlement from the township in response to his recent litigation.

Since the Little Egg Harbor committeeman’s house on the Stage Road property burned down in October, 2015 the property  has sat vacant and has only been used for storage.

The first complaint about conditions on the Stage Road property came from resident William Sisco several months after the fire in late February, 2016, according to records on file with the township’s code enforcement department. Following a site visit that month, a notice of violation detailing four different property maintenance code infractions was sent to Schlick in March of that year.

Sisco followed up with a subsequent complaint form, which was filed in May of 2016. This complaint addressed allegations concerning the failure to remove debris from the 2015 house fire that remained on the property as well as the use of it to store cars & other possessions by Schlick.

Schlick subsequently received an additional violation notice from the code enforcement department on May 16th, 2016 about the violations, with some of the conditions cited being the same as the previous notice, in addition to a new citation regarding “dangerous structure[s]” due to the fire damage to the property.

Complaint: LEH Committeeman’s Property is an “Eyesore,” “Demeans the rest of the area”

Last May, the first of two additional anonymous complaints was received by the township regarding the state of the Schlick property at 120 Stage Road. The complaint cited “high grass, weeds and debris” present on the property.

A second complaint received by the township later that month claimed that the conditions at the site of Schlick’s former Stage Road home became an “eyesore” and is affecting property values of neighboring homes as a result:

A portion of a complaint form filled out by a resident about Schlick’s property.
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