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Schick: Brick & Ocean County Topics Coming Soon

I am excited to be joining Ocean County Politics as a guest contributor to offer my perspective and commentary on local politics and public affairs. My perspective has been shaped by my participation and experience with Democratic politics both in Brick Township and throughout New Jersey.

Here are some topics I will be writing about in my column in the coming months (when the articles are written, this post will be updated with links):

  • Why the Brick Township Council shuns the Brick Democratic Club and it’s members? Why did $23,000.00+ in campaign contributions go unappreciated?
  • The truth about Alesia Watson and the Brick Township Housing Authority and who really pushed for her to be have the Director’s position.
  • The Truth about the Anthony Matthews unlawful dismissal lawsuit against the BTHA.
  • Political interference at the federally owned and funded BTHA. Is Brick’s Mayor now running the show at the BTHA?
  • How the Brick Mayor and Council are responsible for wasting  $33,000.00+ in federal tax dollars by making poor choices for commissioners at the BTHA.
  • The quest to get rid of the Republican legal services attorney in 2015 and again in 2017 at the BTHA.
  • Why the first annual Ocean County Democrats Chairman’s Ball was cancelled.
  • The Brick Council President does her best to humiliate the Brick Democratic Club President at a fundraiser and at an Ocean County Committee meeting.
  • Why the Brick Mayor’s control as both Mayor and Municipal Chairman is a bad idea.
  • Does the Brick Mayor really expect us to believe that he works across the aisle with Republicans?
  • A Brick Councilman tells the Brick Democratic Club President that she does nothing for the Democratic Party when the opposite is the truth.
  • How Brick’s Mayor turned his back on two of his biggest supporters.
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