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Election 2018, Stafford

Stafford GOP Shakeup: New Conservative Republican Club Forms Amid Party Rift

STAFFORD – Amid a June primary upset that rocked the GOP establishment, a new Republican Club has formed amid intra-party tensions that occurred following the primary.

The new Stafford Conservative Republican Club is being championed by the victors of the primary election and their supporters, who are hoping to turn the groundswell of support received in the primary election into a lasting political organization.

The Stafford Conservative Republican Club’s logo

The new conservative club “… will be a place where those of us who have the same political ideology, values, morals and ethics come together to share our beliefs, network, and support our local, county, state and national conservative leaders,” according to a post on the club’s Facebook page announcing its formation.

The success of the club will be important to Mayoral candidate Gregory Myhre’s team of Republican council nominees, as their faction of the Stafford GOP will need to create a fundraising infrastructure to match that of the township’s establishment Republicans.

Local Republican clubs exercise significant political influence over the primary election process, as their screening committees and executive boards play a role early on in deciding who gets the line of the official Republican organization in primary elections, which coupled with the club’s fundraising infrastructure can bestow a significant competitive advantage on officially endorsed candidates – an advantage that was still not enough to carry Mayor Spodofora’s team in the 2018 primary.

The formation of the alternative Republican club came after the Stafford Republican Club’s leadership retaliated against supporters of the Stafford Conservatives and sought to have club members who supported the primary challengers stripped of their membership.

The club’s founders will be holding a meet and greet on Monday August 27th, 2018 from 7 to 9 pm at Calloway’s, 597 Main Street, West Creek where membership applications will be available.

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