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Video: Rozzi Hosts OPRA & Transparency Webinar at Montclair University

OCP Editor Gavin Rozzi hosted a live webinar yesterday from Montclair State University about our sister site OPRAmachine, and how it is opening up the public records of government agencies around the state.

The webinar contained a wealth of information about using the site to conduct research into the activities of New Jersey state and local government, and even cited some instances where it has been used by whistleblowers & anonymous sources in Ocean County.

Also speaking during the 1-hour long live event was OPRAmachine administrator Jeff Epstein, who is also the publisher of the website Citizens Media TV. Some of his work has previously appeared on OCP as well.

Many of the recent stories that have been published here on Ocean County Politics were enhanced by including content from OPRAmachine.

Watch the full video of the event here:

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