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Election 2018, Little Egg Harbor, Tuckerton

Audio: LEH Committeeman’s Million Dollar Insult

LITTLE EGG HARBOR – A back-and-forth over dredging at a township meeting earlier this year led to Commiteeman John Kehm calling fellow committee member Dave Schlick “shady” and accusing him and a resident of not telling the truth. After the meeting, Schlick filed a notice of intent to sue the township for $1 million over Kehm’s remarks. We now have a tape of what Kehm said. 

GOP Rival Calls Democrat Committeeman “Shady” and “Little Fella” – Now He’s Suing The Township For $1 Million

Ocean County Politics has obtained a copy of a taped township committee meeting that Little Egg Harbor Commiteeman Dave Schlick (D – Tuckerton) claimed in legal documents was a “verbal assault” from the dais by GOP rival John Kehm (R – LEH).

Schlick, who has had a contentious relationship with Kehm, filed a notice of tort claim with the township clerk’s office, claiming that he was slandered at the public township committee meeting. The tort claim notice states that Schlick is seeking $1 million in damages over what was said by Kehm.

Kehm was incensed by criticisms of his running mate, Mayor Ray Gormley. The GOP committeeman took exception to claims that Gormley “hasn’t been doing nothing” about dredging concerns during his two decades on the township committee and wanted to respond to remarks made by Schlick and others in public social media postings.

“You and the little fella who sits next to me [Schlick] have a lot to say on some social media sites about this governing body, while he sits up here,” Kehm said.

“On certain sites where you’re on, I don’t appreciate you bashing certain individuals on this governing body, you know, saying that the mayor, you know, has been doing this for 20 years and nothing has been done.”

“You and shady Schlick over here don’t tell the truth,” the committeeman said at the April township committee meeting, with gasps being heard in the audience following the committeeman’s accusation. “You’re bashing all the time on that social media and it’s not correct.”

The Republican elected official stated that he was offering “corrective criticism” in his remarks to the resident at the public meeting. “Stop the bashing on social media.”

“We’re doing a fantastic job,” he declared. “It’s time to move forward and forget the past.”

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