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Brick & Ocean County Democrats in Disarray: Schick

Ocean County Democrat Chairman Wyatt Earp speaks at a Brick Democratic Club meeting.

No doubt about it, the Democratic Party in Brick and Ocean County is fractured and only getting worse. Recent actions by local politicians are the reason why good people don’t get involved in politics. The sad thing is they should care, but they don’t.

They pulled a lousy deal on Councilman Dan Rodrick to ruin his chances for gaining the Toms River Municipal Chair position. Wyatt Earp, Ocean County Chairman, brought in committee people who never showed up at meetings before to vote against Rodrick. To make matters worse the meeting was held at Rodrick’s home. He must have felt humiliated in front of his wife. Earp would not let Rodrick use his proxy votes. Rodrick felt betrayed by his fellow Democrats and switched parties.

Toms River Councilman Dan Rodrick 
Brick Councilman Jim Fozman

Mayor John Ducey and the Town Council have always treated Councilman Jim Fozman as an outsider. Recently Ducey went against Fozman for the Brick Municipal Chair position. Ducey had Municipal Chairperson/ Council President Heather DeJong call for a hand vote instead of a paper ballot. Ducey had DeJong stack the deck for him. Ducey won handily because committee people did not want to be singled out for going against him. This administration is very vindictive. Several people apologized to Fozman afterwards because they were afraid to vote for him. Now, Fozman has switched as well.

Rodrick and Fozman live in a free country. They didn’t break any laws and are free to do whatever they choose. I can understand how they feel. They feel betrayed.

Fozman went public to endorse Republican Bob Hugin who is running against Senator Bob Menendez. I donated to Menendez’s campaign. As a matter of fact my wife and I have campaigned or donated for many Democratic candidates all over New Jersey and on a national level. Too many to mention in this article.

I have Republican friends. Let’s face it, everyone you know has Republican friends, family or neighbors. They just have a different point of view and beliefs. In a free country that is perfectly acceptable.

I come from Hudson County so, I was born a Democrat and will not be switching parties for any reason.

Unfortunately there will inevitably be more of this type of behavior from these politicians. They have to realize that they are not above anyone. They just don’t have the good sense to realize it.

Some day, when it is all said and done they will look in the mirror and know how fleeting it all was. I hope they feel the pain they have inflicted on others.

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