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Hugin’s Support for Kavanaugh Jeopardizes Common Sense Gun Safety Regulations: Dougherty

Judge Brett Kavanaugh (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court puts at stake the future of common sense gun safety regulation that the overwhelming majority of Americans support.

Kavanaugh’s judicial record on guns has won the support of the NRA, who labeled him an “outstanding choice,” who “has an impressive record that demonstrates his strong support for the Second Amendment.”  Make no mistake, his ascension to the court would hinder our efforts to curb the proliferation of guns across the country, and protect our schools, churches and other public places.

Bob Hugin says he would support Kavanaugh’s nomination, as he did Donald Trump’s first pick to the high court, Justice Neil Gorsuch.  It’s yet another clear reminder that Bob Hugin is simply a partisan, Republican enabler who will never stand up to Trump. Instead, he will follow in lockstep to ensure Donald Trump’s dangerous policies are engraved in our nation’s laws for generations to come.  

Bob Hugin’s support of Kavanaugh and his gun record should alarm New Jersey voters, though it shouldn’t come as a surprise when Hugin has donated hundreds of thousands to NRA-backed candidates and failed during a recent press conference to take a clear stance on banning assault weapons and weapons of mass murder.  Voters cannot allow Hugin to stand on the sidelines on important matters like banning assault weapons; they must continue asking questions until we get real answers. 

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