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OPINION: Sexual Assault is No Laughing Matter

TO THE EDITOR: In the wake of the #metoo movement and with the Kavanaugh sexual assault scandal coming to light, I am appalled that Teddy Price, “Democratic candidate” for Ocean County Freeholder would have the gall to post a disgusting and inappropriate meme minimizing sexual assault.

The image, showing a small child touching a woman’s breast is not sexual in any way, but the comment that this action will prevent this child from running for office as an adult completely disregards the experiences of millions of women and makes the serious allegations of sexual assault that have been brought against the current Supreme Court nominee and president as well, into a joke.

Sexual assault is no laughing matter. Memes and sentiments like this continue to belittle the trauma that sexual assault survivors experienced.  They also perpetuate the idea the men are somehow entitled to this behavior because it happened in their youth and that behavior is somehow excusable because they were young.

For someone who just a few weeks ago had to defend themselves about their prior behaviors, I find this behavior extra egregious. Mr. Price has no business representing women, or anyone else, in this county.

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