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Election 2018, Point Pleasant Beach

Point Beach: Cassidy Replaces Kelly on Democratic Ticket

POINT PLEASANT BEACH – Democrats have replaced candidate Russ Kelly with Georgia Cassidy, who will run with Don Rodgers against Republican incumbents George “Andy” Cortes and Robert Santanello.

“I am running to support my community in ensuring transparency, financial responsibility, service, and diversity,” Cassidy said in a campaign press release. “As the only woman running for Council, it is imperative to ensure that women’s perspective and values in our community are heard.”

Cassidy’s running mate, Rodgers, is taking a second bite at the apple for a seat on the all-Republican borough council after coming close last year. “In 2017, the democratic ticket came within 3% of a win with a competitive, issues-oriented race,” the campaign claimed in a press release.

Kelly, for his part, said that outside commitments have prevented him from dedicating the time necessary to run in the council race, motivating him to step aside.

“My time commitments have changed and I do not feel that I would be able to commit to what is required,” he said. “I believe that without that commitment, I cannot fully represent the people who support us.”

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