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Schick: Loyalty and Respect are Two-Way Streets

Brick Mayor John Ducey

No one supported Mayor John Ducey more than my wife and I. When he was on the town council and running for mayor the first time, he was abused by the Republicans running against him at council meetings. They bullied him incessantly at every opportunity. It made my blood boil. My wife and I were determined to help him get elected Mayor.

No one likes a bully. We are not wealthy people but we donated as much as we could afford. As soon as he opened his election account I ran over to his office and gave him a check for $1000.00. My wife mailed him a check for $500.00 a week later. Whenever they emailed me asking for more money I complied. Ducey’s campaign manager, Mitch Seim, told me that every time he looked on his computer I was making another donation.

My wife and I wanted nothing in return. We have good jobs. We only wanted Ducey to win.

My wife and I walked the streets for over six weeks campaigning for Ducey and his running mates, Paul Mummolo, Heather DeJong and Marianna Pontoriero. We never walked with any of them. As a matter of fact I didn’t see them till after the election.

When I got home from freezing my butt off walking Midstreams Road for four hours on a cold rainy night I got an email from Ducey. He wanted more money to run a radio ad the morning of the election. My wife and I gave him another $750.00 to help pay for the ad.

The strangest thing happened the night he won the election. He gave me the cold shoulder at his victory party. It continued right through to his swearing in ceremony. My wife said it was really noticeable. The man did not seem happy with me for some reason. I could not comprehend why. A simple handshake would have been sufficient.

When I questioned him on several occasions why he behaved in such a strange manner he said he didn’t remember that happening.
I sure do. This was a pure case of selective memory on his part. I decided to forget about it and move on.

I took Ducey and a friend of his to a Yankee game. All expenses paid. Limo ride, free food, the works. He said it was the best seats he ever had. I thought he wasn’t such a bad guy. We talked about sports all the way home. It didn’t last very long. Back to square one. I guess he felt that he was above me now.

Ducey talked me into becoming a commissioner with the Brick Township Housing Authority. The only problem is he never gave me one iota of support and was instrumental in ousting me as chairman. As a matter of fact he got angry because I didn’t do as I was told. That’s another article I will write with details.

Too bad he forgets who his friends are. Friends who helped him get where he is today. Short memory.

The plain truth is that even the Brick Republicans were tired of the previous administration. If Elmer Fudd or Porky Pig ran against the Republicans they would have won the election.

Ducey was merely in the right place at the right time. He’s a lucky guy. He should count his blessings.

Can anyone help me get a refund?

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