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Schick: Ducey Shuns the Brick Democratic Club

OPINION: How far will Brick Mayor Ducey and his Council bullies go? They have stooped to a lower level than I could have imagined.

The Official Brick Democratic Club scheduled a holiday party for December 6th at the River Rock for its club members from 6PM to 10PM. It includes food, wine, beer and a DJ for only $35.00 per person. So, what does the Ducey administration do? They set up another holiday party the same night at another location. They went so far as to tell residents not to attend the Democratic Club Holiday Party. How childish is that? What a disloyal thing to do to the Club’s members.

A good leader would do everything in his power to bring a community together, not cause division.

They don’t want Barbara Ann Reilly to be the Club President because they want one of their minions to have the position. You see, if they can’t control everything in their fiefdom they get upset. If you don’t play by their rules they take their marbles and go home. One of their favorite expressions is: “You didn’t do as you were told.” Their arrogance is boundless. They want to be puppet masters.

The fact is that Reilly has raised over $26,000.00 for candidates in the last two years because of her hard work and dedication. 90 percent of that money has gone to Brick campaigns. $8,200.00 to Ducey’s last campaign. You would think they would be grateful. No, they are ungrateful, and disrespectful to the Club’s members.

During that same period of time Reilly lost her mother, her father, her sister and her uncle. Her family was decimated and her heart was broken. She still cries about it to this day.

You would think that these Brick politicians would show some compassion. They are so shallow and so consumed by their petty quest for power that they have lost their humanity. These people have no shame. What kind of lesson does all of this teach to their own children and the other children in Brick? School teachers go through great lengths to teach children not to be bullies.

If you want a good time go to the Brick Democratic Club holiday party. Even Ocean County Chairman Wyatt Earp said, “Barbara’s parties are better. “He is so right. Come and have a good time at the River Rock. December 6th, 6 to 10 PM. All are welcome.
Only $35.00 and you can pay at the door.

Stan Schick
Op-Ed Contributor

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