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Deadline Friday in Gilmore Trial

TRENTON – Friday, February 1st, 2019 will mark one of the first important deadlines in the trial against Ocean County Republican Chairman George Gilmore.

On Friday, the federal government must provide Mr. Gilmore with all discovery materials required by Federal Rule of Criminal Procedure 16(a)(1), according to court documents reviewed by Ocean County Politics.

George Gilmore

That rule requires the prosecution to provide defendants in federal criminal trials with several items, upon their request, including:

  • Oral statements made by the defendant, especially if the government intends to use it at trial
  • Written or recorded statements made by the defendant, including statements within the government’s custody or control, or those that the government knows to be in existence through due diligence, and those made before a grand jury.
  • Prior criminal records in the government’s custody or control.
  • Documents & objects in the custody or control of the government that are material to preparing the defense, that the government intends to use at trial, and that were obtained from or belong to the defendant.
  • Examinations & tests, including any physical or mental examination / scientific test in the government’s custody or control material to preparing the defense or that the government will use at trial.
  • Expert witnesses, including a written summary of the testimony the government will use at trial.

Friday is also the deadline for the U.S. Attorney’s Office to file any motions to disqualify Gilmore’s legal counsel for conflicts.

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