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Jerry Dasti: “We did nothing wrong”

Jerry Dasti

TO THE EDITOR: I am responding to your editorial not as the attorney for decades of the Lacey MUA, but as a Lacey resident for 45 years and a Lacey business owner for 46 years. I find your editorial to be terribly slanted and not correct. Before writing such an article you should check your facts

The LMUA is in the business of extending water and sewer lines. That is what we have done for for almost 50 years. The line extension you have mentioned was requested by the Township Committee. We have agreed to do it at no cost to the LMUA and no cost to our ratepayers. The agreement reached between the township and the property owner has nothing to do with the LMUA.

(Editor’s note: The agreement does have something to do with the LMUA, they are overseeing the work and Lacey Township is taking money out of their budget to pay them back. We criticized the expenditure of taxpayer dollars.)

Also u failed to mention and I presume intentionally ignored the
Fact that Chairman Knoeller did not vote on this. Check the November minutes. He abstained. Did you check that before writing the editorial? Or did you just spew what someone told you. Someone I presume has an ax to grind with Mr Knoeller or the LMUA. As the attorney for the LMUA , I know we did nothing wrong. We did what we always do. Extend lines and get paid in full for doing so.

(Editor’s note: The first sentence of the last paragraph is factually inaccurate. Our editorial read as follows: “LMUA chairman Jim Knoeller, a past township committeeman and school board candidate, has continued to deny having any financial stake in the property, and recused himself from the vote to approve this resolution at the MUA.”)

I am certain this will cause a negative reaction from the usual suspects. Hopefully they will have the guts to use their real name and not hide behind a pseudo name
Check your facts before writing such a scurrilous article

Jerry J. Dasti

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