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The Big Time North Jersey Power Brokers: Schick

BRICK – I keep reading articles about how the big time donors, otherwise known as North Jersey power brokers got Brick Mayor John Ducey elected. It couldn’t be further from the truth. Ducey had a small office on Herbertsville Road the first time he ran for mayor. He didn’t have a secretary. He worked alone.

When Ducey was first elected Mayor in 2013 these big time donors were nowhere in sight. The officers and members of the official Brick Democratic Club got him elected. They donated thousands and walked the streets for months campaigning for Ducey and his Council running mates.

Mayor John Ducey (D – Brick)

The night before his first election Ducey sent out an email begging for more money to run a radio ad the morning of the election. Where were these big time donors then? After Ducey was elected mayor the big time donors jumped on the bandwagon. Mostly because Ducey and his Town Council were handing out contracts like they were jellybeans.

The bigger the donor, the bigger the payback. Ducey is rewarding many of his friends as well. What happened to his no friends or family platform that he ran on?

Ducey announced on his Facebook Live “performance” that he doesn’t endorse other Democrats because he doesn’t want his reputation tarnished if they do something wrong. Give me break! A true Democrat supports his fellow Democrats no matter what. Ducey is a Democrat in name only. That goes for Brick’s Town Council as well. None of them help out their fellow Democrats in any way. Whenever they attend a political function they go on someone else’s dime. That is pathetic!

I am glad that Governor Phil Murphy, NJDSC Chairman John Currie and Senator Vin Gopal do everything they can to support the Democratic Party and it’s candidates. I have been in their company at many fundraisers and rallies. I don’t care if you are a Democrat or a Republican, you have to support the candidates you believe in. It’s the right thing to do.

Sorry folks, these are not the same people we elected.

Stan Schick
Op-Ed Contributor

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