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Brick Mayor Ducey’s New Democratic Club: Schick

What reasoning is Brick Mayor John Ducey using to create a New Democratic Club in Brick Township? There has been an Official Brick Democratic Club in existence for over 50 years, created before Ducey was even born.

The Official Democratic Club in place has been a very good source of revenue to help finance campaigns. The Official Brick Democratic Club has raised $26,000.00 dollars for Democratic campaigns in the past two and a half years. 90 percent of that went to Brick campaigns.  $8200.00 to Ducey’s last campaign, $8200.00 to pay off Council campaign debt,  $4500.00 for new Council campaigns, $2000.00 to run a campaign rally for Ducey that he didn’t bother to attend.

Ducey was offended because we were having Senator Vin Gopal as a guest speaker. Now that Gopal won his election Ducey wants to be his buddy. I would have to question Ducey’s motives under any circumstances. Ducey’s actions are subversive, unappreciative and disrespectful. He feels it is necessary to flex his political muscles in a power play that makes no sense. Good leadership brings people together and does not cause division. Ducey has failed his own Democratic Party.

Senator Vin Gopal

Ducey recently had Democrat Kathy Russell send out an email to Brick Democrats advertising a meeting on the same night as the regularly scheduled Democratic Club meeting. Nervous about attendance, Ducey was personally making phone calls to everyone in the Democratic Party. Ducey calls it the “New Democratic Club of Brick.” The meeting, Russell writes, will be held at the Knights of Columbus in Brick.

Kathy Russell

For many years the Official Brick Democratic Club meetings were held at the Knights of Columbus. At one point the Knight’s members said they would not attend meetings if held elsewhere. The Knights members said they came under protest when an affair was held at the River Rock. Ducey and the Brick Township Council members using perks as a leverage have encouraged the Knight’s members to tell the Official Democratic Club President to take the meetings elsewhere. All three members of the Knights involved are now receiving perks from Mayor Ducey and his Council.

Two of them were appointed to the Board of Commissioners at the BTMUA and another was promoted by Ducey to a supervisor position. Typical Brick politics, you wash my back, I’ll wash yours. I didn’t know the Knights of Columbus was a political organization. I thought the Knights were a Catholic based fraternal organization engaged in charitable endeavors. My mistake.

 Russell was employed with Georgian Court University and no longer has that job. She then used her political connections to secure a job with the Ocean County Board of Elections. Russell also serves as Vice Chairman for the Ocean County Democratic Organization.

In a failed attempt in 2013 Russell tried to take the job as township clerk away from Lynnette Iannarone who held the position since 2010. Iannarone, hired by Democrats has always performed in a professional and competent manner. When the council voted three Republicans and Democrat Robert Moore voted no allowing Iannarone to keep her job. Ducey and the other two Democrats voted yes to give the job to Russell. Ducey and Russell lost their bid to take the job away, 4 votes to 3.

You have to admire Moore’s character. Moore is a volunteer fireman in Brick. During Hurricane Sandy he performed heroically and is credited with rescuing families by wading through water that was four or five feet high and carrying them to safety. He spent months helping Sandy victims. The man is a hero. Of course when it came time for re-election Moore received no support from Ducey and his Council. Moore was kicked to the curb for not doing as he was told. Moore did what he believed in his heart was the right thing to do. Iannarone can thank Moore because she still has her job.

Stan Schick

Op-Ed Contributor

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