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30th Legislative District, Barnegat

Dasti Replaces Kean in Barnegat

BARNEGAT – 30th District Assemblyman Sean Kean has been replaced as township attorney by Lacey attorney Chris Dasti in this year’s round of professional services appointments.

There was another shakeup in Barnegat for the township professionals appointed at this year’s reorganization meeting.

Chris Dasti, who was forced out of his father’s firm last year and started his own law practice, has been hired as the new township attorney, according to a copy of a resolution obtained in response to a request made under the state’s Open Public Records Act.

The younger Dasti will also serve as the conflict water & sewer attorney, according to the resolution.

2018 vs 2019 appointments

Last year, Dasti’s father, Jerry’s firm was forced out from the township attorney position. At that time, he was replaced by Assemblyman Kean, of Cleary Giacobbe Alfieri & Jacobs, but held on to the contract as Barnegat’s water & sewer attorney.

Jerry Dasti

Now, the senior Dasti’s firm has lost out on the water & sewer attorney contract, with that having been given to Kean and his firm this year. That leaves the Dasti Murphy et al. firm with just one contract in Barnegat now, with them staying on as the township’s municipal prosecutor.

View all of Barnegat’s 2019 professional appointments below:


Editor’s note: The author is currently adverse to Mr. Kean in legal proceedings regarding the Open Public Records Act in the Monmouth County Superior Court.

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