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10th Legislative District, Point Pleasant Beach

Former Point Beach Mayor Barrella to Seek LD10 Seat

Vincent Barrella (D - Point Pleasant Beach)

POINT PLEASANT BEACH – Former mayor Vincent Barrella said he would seek the Democratic nomination for the 10th district assembly seat recently vacated by David Wolfe (R – Brick).

Barrella, who served two terms as the borough’s mayor from 2008 through 2015, blasted the incumbent Republicans that hold the 10th district seats in the state legislature.

“Our current District 10 legislators have been totally ineffective in addressing the problems facing the State and its taxpayers,” Barrella said in a statement released by former Democratic council candidate Don Rodgers.

LD10 Republicans Holzapfel, Wolfe & McGuckin

The former mayor slammed the incumbents for allegedly benefiting from political patronage. “What they have been very good at is lining their own pockets with taxpayer dollars from patronage jobs. This has left the average Republican, Democrat, and Independent wondering – ‘What have they done for me?’ The answer is — ‘Nothing!’” added Barrella

“I am running to change that. If I am fortunate enough to secure the nomination and prevail in November, I pledge to work for the residents and taxpayers of the 10th District, and not for me or the political establishment our current legislators serve,” he added.

Barrella, an attorney and professor of legal studies & taxation who serves as chair of his department at Pace University in New York, emphasized that he is not admitted to the New Jersey bar and touted it as a boon to his independence.

“I have always felt that not having any professional contacts with New Jersey allowed me to maintain my independence. There was nothing I wanted, nor was there anything that the political establishment could take away from me. I will bring
that same independence to the Assembly and always put the interests of my constituents first,” he said.

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