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Prosecution “Unimpressed” by Gilmore Hoarding Defense

TRENTON – Federal prosecutors are “unimpressed” by a November 30th, 2018 expert witness report claiming that Ocean County GOP Chairman George Gilmore suffers from a hoarding disorder, according to his attorney Kevin Marino of Chatham.

Dr. Steven S. Simring has been revealed as the expert witness that Marino will present at trial. A notice dated February 7th was filed in federal court and served on the government indicating that Simring will give testimony on Gilmore’s behalf during the trial. According to his website, Simring has served as an expert witness in other cases and is the author of several books, including one on navigating race issues and making marriages work.

The court filing by Marino’s office indicated the type of testimony Simring will give:

“Specifically, Gilmore intends to present the testimony of Steven S. Simring, MD/MPH, who will testify, pursuant to Federal Rules of Evidence 702 and 703, that Gilmore meets the criteria for hoarding disorder (F42), as described in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of the American Psychiatric Association, fifth edition (DSM-5).”

Dr. Simring

“The hoarding disorder that we have raised, I have made my expert report available to them,” Marino said in court at Gilmore’s arraignment.

Gilmore Lawyer Kevin Marino

“I have told them that they could interview my expert if they wish to do so,” Marino added. “They told me that they read the report and they were unimpressed. They believe that it does not negative [sic] any element of the offense. I quite disagree with them.”

“But if they want to have their witness examine Mr. Gilmore, they should have their witness examine Mr. Gilmore. I’ll make him available,” Marino added.

George Gilmore

Gilmore’s defense attorney, for his part, remained confident going into the March trial, and was optimistic about the potential for his client, the influential Ocean County GOP chairman, to be acquitted rather than face a guilty verdict.

“I don’t intend to move to dismiss any part of their misbegotten indictment because I intend to either get a judgment of acquittal at the conclusion of their case or to get an acquittal outright at the conclusion of the trial.”

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