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Letter: Fighting the Jackson Junk Yard Proposal

By L.D. “Bud Thatcher”

TO THE EDITOR: Why are the Jackson Township administration officials supporting another junk yard? Jackson Township will become the junk yard capital of New Jersey with more than four junkyards already. The last hope of stopping this abomination of a land use, is the Jackson Township Board of Adjustment. The Board Members must exercise their obligated duty to protect the Master Plan and Zoning Codes of Jackson Township.

If the Board were to approve this application it will set a precedent and contaminate and destroy the Master Plan of Jackson Township going forward. More importantly they need to protect the residents of Wright Debow road and the surrounding area. They must prevent and reject the application of A&A truck parts Inc of Freehold New Jersey from clear cutting a 48 acres of wooded tree forest and placing a 48-acre junkyard/recycling center in the middle of wetlands and preserved state-owned property.

This property is in the middle of an LM Zone and a junkyard/recycling center is not permitted. A&A Truck Parts Inc Is applying for no fewer than 7 variances including a “D” Variance. More importantly, this application is situated in the head waters and tributaries of the Metedeconk River, Manasquan River and Toms Rivers which flow into Barnegat Bay and Atlantic Ocean. This application of A&A Truck Parts Inc Junk Yard is full of negative impacts.

  1. Cannot meet “Finding of Facts” required by NJ Appellate Court rejection of the application.
  2. Dangerous Intersections on Route 537 and Rout 526
  3. Heavy Truck Traffic on local country road and access across from public schools.
  4. Clear Cutting 48 acres forest surrounded by Wetlands and State owner preserved land.
  5. Environmental Impact
  6. Contamination of air & water and the drinking water wells of the residents.
  7. Not for the Good and Welfare of the community with no positive redeeming quality or value.

L.D. “Bud Thatcher”

Jackson, NJ

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