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free and independent online resource for the citizens of Ocean County.

Ocean County Politics ( was originally founded in 2002 and since its inception has been a must-read for political insiders and concerned citizens alike in Ocean County. In addition to being a forum for whistle blowers and concerned citizens, Ocean County Politics has reported on groundbreaking stories that the mainstream media simply won’t touch. Years ago, the Asbury Park Press described it as “the site politicians love to hate.”

The current version of this website was created by Gavin Rozzi in February of 2016. Rozzi purchased the domain name along securing exclusive use of the trade name “Ocean County Politics,” allowing him to develop the #1 political website in Ocean County, New Jersey.

This site will focus on county issues and the happenings of the municipal governments, planning boards and boards of education in all of Ocean County’s municipalities. Regular features, such as “The Gravy Train” will shine a spotlight on nepotism hires and our “Top 10 Worst Public Officials” list will highlight elected and appointed officials that have failed the citizens of Ocean County.

We welcome guest opinion pieces, letters to the editor, news tips and feedback from readers.

Gavin Rozzi, Editor


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